Mercados financieros: Comprobación de la eficiencia débil en los principales mercados financieros latinoamericanos


Equips you with sound knowledge of the financial system and the markets and institutions that operate in it. You will gain in-depth insight into essential techniques and tools and how to apply them when making financial decisions. The program also enables you to develop executive competencies such as flexibility and team leadership.


With this Master, you will boost your professional career in the world of investment management, banking and corporate finance. To access this Master, students must have a Bachelor Degree qualification or a Diploma in Architecture, Engineering, Technical Engineering or Technical Architecture, or a University Diploma prior to starting the studies. Develop the essential competencies and skills to successfully lead a modern company based on financial management. From the moment of your enrollment we will start working together in the materialization of your professional project through a personalized development plan. Combine advanced theoretical training with a practical approach to enhance your managerial competencies and skills.

On-site Madrid (Spain)

Acquire a strategic overview of finance and align it with the company’s overall strategy. You may exercise the rights of access, deletion, rectification, opposition, limitation and portability, by post to EAE MADRID CENTRO EDUCACIÓN SUPERIOR, S.L.U., Post office box 221 of Barcelona, or by email to . Likewise, if the interested party considers it appropriate, they can lodge a claim to the Spanish Data Protection Agency. EAE MADRID CENTRO EDUCACIÓN SUPERIOR, S.L.U., will process your personal information to contact you and to inform you about the program of your choice for the upcoming two terms. The EU aims to address the systemic risks and improve transparency in the shadow banking sector.


The Commission is working to help investors businesses seize the potential of crowdfunding & make it easier for platforms to offer their services EU-wide. Specialize and operate in complicated markets and scenarios, minimizing risks and multiplying your chances of success. Make the best business decisions by strategically applying databases to the world of finance.

Executive Woman Grant

Launching an entrepreneurial venture is an exciting journey that requires preparation, the capacity for sacrifice and creativity. We aim to foster entrepreneurial spirit and great business ideas with a grant awarded to directors of SMEs, self-employed professionals and people with their own business project. To be eligible to apply for the grant, the Master candidates must have created a company in the same year. The grants offered by the MAEC and the AECID offer the opportunity to take this Master to young and foreign university students who choose to round off their studies in a Spanish university or educational institution. The grants are aimed at candidates with university qualification (and final-year students in some cases). We strive to increase the presence of women in executive positions and promote gender equality in the labour market Over 40% of our students are women, many of whom combine their studies with their professional and personal lives.

In the global world in which we now live, it is important to discover new cultures that enable us to enhance our competencies. With this in mind, we offer a grant to students whose program includes an international mobility option on its syllabus . Candidates earn an official qualification or a university’s own institutional qualification. In return, the company receives a Social Security allowance for each employee and benefit from the know-how of better trained professionals.

Grant for people with an accredited disability

We want to reward their efforts with this grant, which takes their academic report into consideration, but also their executive potential, leadership capacity and professional background. We like to think that we can offer an extra motivation for students who are working at the highest level. The Academic Excellence grant is awarded to candidates who have displayed extraordinary performance and can accredit an average score on their academic record of over 9.5. At EAE Business School Madrid, we offer financial support to all the candidates on EAE programs. This educational model gives you the opportunity to acquire new skills and an individualized qualification to set yourself apart in the labour market by enhancing your professional profile. Our entrepreneurial students have access to EAE Lab, our business incubator that provides the learning resources, financing and guidance required to transform a good idea into a real business venture.

Entry profile

Investment firms in the EU are subject to a dedicated prudential framework, proportionate to their size, activities and risks. In the wake of the financial crisis, the EU adopted rules on credit rating agencies to restore market confidence and increase investor protection. The European Commission is examining how to improve the functioning of corporate bond markets in the EU.

(fully covers all training-related expenses during their attendance on international programs). We are certain that, to achieve a fairer, more participative society, we have to run initiatives designed to foster the talent of people with a disability. With this in mind, we have created a grant for the Master in Marketing and Sales Management that is awarded to the candidate with an accredited disability of at least 33% who has the best academic record.

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