Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Website attaches paramount importance to the confidentiality and protection of our Clients’ personal data. We store and process information received from the Clients on computers protected by modern security systems.

We will not sell or rent your personal data to third parties for any purpose without your consent, as provided for in the User Agreement. Your personal data will be used by us in accordance with our privacy policy and in accordance with the terms of the User Agreement.

The received Client’s personal data may include:

The personal data that the Client independently indicates in applications, questionnaires, and forms for opening an account: full name, permanent residence address, citizenship, date of birth, passport details, personal mobile phone number;

Personal data Use

The Website may use the Client’s personal data for:

Verification of identity;

News reporting and the provision of various background information;

For the provision of other services

Third Parties

The Website has the right to transfer the Client’s personal data to third parties: affiliated companies, banks, auditors, Website agents, including payment agents or other persons (hereinafter referred to as “Third Parties” only to fulfil the terms of the Service Agreement by the Website Administration. The Website guarantees compliance with this Policy by Third Parties and the adoption by these parties of the necessary measures to protect the confidential data of the Client.

The Website has the right to provide confidential information about the Client’s personal data to third parties who are not Trustees, only if an official request from the relevant authorized structures is received.

Personal data Use

By registering on the Website, in accordance with this Policy, the Client agrees to the use of his personal data, as well as to their processing, as provided for in the User Agreement.

The Client agrees that cookies may be used on some pages of the Website to provide the Client with faster and more convenient access. If the Client does not want to receive Cookies, then most modern web browsers will allow the Client to reject them, at the same time allowing the Client to visit the Website without any restrictions.

If you do not agree with such treatment of your data, please refrain from using our services. The Client has the right to withdraw his consent to the processing of personal data by notifying the Website Administration in writing.