Market makers forex: The Main Players In The Forex Market

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Volatility can be somewhat lower, as the market maker tries to stabilize the view of the market for the trader. Genuine ECN brokers will not trade against you, as they will pass on your orders to a bank or another customer on the opposite side of the transaction. It is possible to trade on prices that have very little or no spread at certain times. Full BioGrace Cheng is a forex trader and creator of PowerFX, which teaches the tools, trading approaches, fundamentals, and psychology of FX traders. Liquidity describes the extent to which an asset can be bought and sold quickly, and at stable prices, and converted to cash. Liquidity refers to how quickly and at what cost one can sell an asset,…

Today there are hundreds of online Forex brokers whose business is focused on providing services to the small trader or investor, a phenomenon that mirrors what is already happening at the interbank level. Along with banks, non-banking Forex participants of all types are being given a choice of available trading and processing systems for all scales of transactions. Around the same time as interbank platforms were introduced, web based dealing systems that corporations could use in lieu of calling banks on the phone also began to appear. These trading platforms include today FXall, FXconnect, Atriax, Hotspotfx, LavaFX and others. All of them are easily available on the Internet for your further research.

Central Banks

Most of them are market makers for the retail trader, and in order to provide competitive two way prices, they have to adapt to the technological changes afoot in the industry, as we have seen above. As mentioned above, the interbank market is based on specific credit relationships between banks. In order to trade with other banks at the rates being offered, a bank may use bi-lateral , or multi-lateral order matching systems, which have no intermediary bank or dealer.


In the same waters that the professional sharks swim, there are also a lot of minnows. They are also your competition, so knowing their tendencies can help you exploit them. For example, unsophisticated minnow’traders are likely to put stop-loss orders at obvious support or resistance levels. ECN is an electronic system that matches buy and sell orders in the markets eliminating the need for a third party to facilitate those trades.

Obviously, many of these brokering functions have been significantly computerized, cutting out the need for human intervention. Every market maker has a dealing desk, which is the traditional method that most banks and financial institutions use. Both the EBS and Reuters Dealing systems offer trading in the major currency pairs, but certain currency pairs are more liquid and are traded more frequently over either EBS or Reuters Dealing. For instance, EUR/USD is usually traded through EBS while GBP/USD is traded through Reuters Dealing. The intervention can take the form of direct buying to push prices higher or selling to push prices down. Another tactic that is adopted by monetary authorities is stepping into the market and signaling that an intervention is a possibility, by commenting in the media about its preferred level for the currency.

In practice, the foreign exchange market is made up of a network of players clustered in various hubs around the globe. They usually manifest themselves through forming a narrow trading range and low trading volumes. Second, check the way trading volumes behave when leaving the trading range or when they are near TPSL1/TPSL2 extremums. The ideal version would be a sharp growth of volumes and wide spreads. They will suggest the most likely direction of prices in the short term. These professional platforms were followed by the first web based dealing platforms for the retail sector.

What Is a Market Maker?

They just facilitate an instantaneous transaction at the quoted price, without the need to wait for a counter-party. By doing so, a market maker ensures a smooth flow of price movement. And most importantly, you should never forget about the fact that the MM often stands on the opposite side, and its capabilities exceed the trader’s capabilities in everything. In addition, you came to the market for its money, and it’s hardly a pleasant thing for it. But unlike a market maker, a trader can always exit both from a profitable and from a loss-making position, which MM cannot do.


Market makers will have a certain amount of the asset that they deal in. Our gain and loss percentage calculator quickly tells you the percentage of your account balance that you have won or lost. From basic trading terms to trading jargon, you can find the explanation for a long list of trading terms here.

Market Maker Forex Brokers

Another type of funds, made up of government-run investment pools, are «sovereign wealth funds». The Bank of Japan has the most active track record in that regard, while other countries have traditionally taken a hands-off approach when it comes to the value of their currencies. Those who can impose discipline will gain the ability to extract positive returns from the Forex markets. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. Investopedia does not include all offers available in the marketplace.

Market Makers Vs. Electronic Communications Networks

To understand the uniformity of prices, we have to imagine prices being instantaneously collected from crossed prices of hundreds of institutions across an aggregated network. Similar to your margin account with a broker, the banks have established debtor-creditor agreements between themselves, which make the buying and selling of currencies possible. To offset the risks of holding currency positions taken as a result of customer transactions, the banks enter into reciprocal agreements to quote each other throughout the day on preset amounts. Every trade that is completed in the forex markets need to have a buyer and seller and when this takes place then we have a trade. Because it states the problems that large banks have which small traders do not.

The role of a market maker is often presented in a distorted manner due to incidents of sharp spikes, which remove stop-loss orders. A market maker is crucial for an efficient performance of financial markets, including the FX market. The figure shows USDCAD price chart and the trading volume on H1 timeframe .

The ECN is not responsible for execution, only the transmission of the order to the dealing desk from which the price was taken. In this system, spreads are determined by the difference between the best bid and the best offer at a particular point in time on the ECN. In this model, the ECN is compensated by fees charged to the customer and eventually a rebate from the dealing desk based on the amount of volume or order flow that it is given from the ECN. The market maker interacts with other market maker banks to manage their position exposure and risk. Every market maker offers a slightly different price in a particular currency pair based on their order book and pricing feeds. Generally speaking, fund managers invest on behalf of a range of clients including pension funds, individual investors, governments and even central banks.

An individual can be a market maker, but due to the quantity of each asset needed to enable the required volume of trading, a market maker is more commonly a large institution. But he can also decide to match it with another order for the same amount from another of his clients, since passing the order through the interbank means paying a commission or spread. Also, think about the first sure thing chart formation that you ever learned about. Chances are that new traders are just learning about that formation now, so you could fade their trades and likely do all right. So, try to mimic and follow the sharks and eat the minnows.’This is where having a plan to make you a more agile ‘minnow’ or even turn you into a ‘shark’ is critical.

The consequence of central banks having purchased other currencies in an attempt to keep their own currency low results, however, in larger reserves. The amount central banks hold in reserves keeps on changing depending on monetary policies, on supply and demand forces, and other factors. These are the main categories of participants — a geographically disperse Forex clientele — and as a consequence so is the market as a whole.

Most brokers are, however, of this genre, and it is unfair to label the majority as always trading against you. If you are a novice or like to trade smaller lots, then a market maker may be best. ECNs may be the wave of the future, but they may not be suited for everyone’s trading needs or approach. Large market makers can manipulate the prices of the stocks they cover.

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