Time Limits For Discrimination Claims

If permission is refused, you can «renew» the decision to be heard in open court. Our experience is that permission is often refused on paper but granted upon renewal in open court. Sometimes the judge will order that the matter be referred to open court anyway. Even if outside that timeframe, however, all may not be lost, as the European Court of Justice’s decision in ourWellscase illustrates.

In practice, though there is no provision for this in the rules of procedure, you th […]

What Is Forex Trading And How Does It Work

When you trade with us, you’ll be speculating on the price of spot forex, forwards and options either rising or falling with spread bets and CFDs. Some of the most popular forex trading styles are scalping, day trading, swing trading and position trading. You might choose a different style depending on whether you have a short- or long-term outlook.

These movements can help the trader to identify clues about levels of supply and demand.
The trading plan is a structured approach to trade […]

Most Popular Forex Pairs

Whether you’re an individual traveling overseas for business or pleasure, or a multi-national corporation, it pays to wait until exchange rates are in your favour. Forex, like any other market — stocks included — suffer from scams. But due to the fact that it still retains some mystique amongst the general public, forex is often considered shady or a scam at a higher rate than the stock market. Perhaps due to this stigma, regulation has made its way to the forex market.

Each […]

What Is Forex? And Why Does It Matter?

For example they might advertise spreads as low as 0.75, but these can increase to as much as five points at certain times of the day. If you’re forced to close a trade at a point when the spread is at its widest, this could have a serious impact on your potential gain. With spread co there are two ways to trade forex – spread betting and contracts for difference. Understanding what they are and their likely impact will help you decide how and what to trade. These factors include the poli […]

Is Cryptos High Volatility A Good Thing?

Every time we go towards the lower extremes of volatility then we potentially have staff with limited work to complete. So, if we frequently see spikes towards the top of the volatility limits then a discussion is needed on whether extra staff costs is balanced with extra sales. After all, a planner should not be creating just one forecast; all our forecasts will have a certain amount of uncertainty within them. You need to understand your best and worst-case scenarios and know how you can cate […]

Copper Futures Historical Prices

In the past 12 months neither of these companies has faced significant market headwinds because of the virus, but remember that 12 months ago the virus was at its height. Those spectacular 12 month gains are coming off a ten-year low in the case of First Quantum and a five year low in the case of Antofagasta. Copper itself, by contrast, was only went to a four-year low when the market hit its coronavirus nadir. First Quantum has mines on the famous copper belt in the Democratic Republic of Cong […]