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Amongst the promising global leaders in the field of finance, BigBostrade aims at honing both novice and seasoned traders to become major players in the industry. Partnered with leading financial industry specialists, BigBostrade extends its hand to your goal of building strong investment portfolios, solid financial strategies, and ultimately gain maximum profit. BigBostrade provides you with the best CFDs, Forex, commodities, and indices.

Forex Trading

Foreign Currency Exchange or Forex refers to the process of changing one currency into another in tourism, commerce, or trading. 

The Forex market is the venue for currency exchanges. 

After the collapse of the Bretton Woods back in 1971, (which saw the convertibility of US Dollar to gold terminated) a lot of flat currencies became free-floating. The varying values of individual currencies made foreign exchange services relevant.

To start trading in Forex, we must first understand that Forex Markets are conducted by both commercial and investment banks. However, professional and individual investors are also privy to speculative opportunities for exchanging currencies.

To help you better your decision-making, we recommend using BigBostrade’s Forex Calculators. Through these, values are easily calculated in real-time with current market prices to aid you determine potential loss or gain. Alongside other Forex tools, Forex trading calculators assist you in developing the right market strategies.

What is Cryptocurrency?

To put it simply, Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. Its system is decentralized, which means it is independent from a central bank. Cryptocurrency needs complex encryption techniques to issue currencies and record transactions and balances. These can be viewed by the public through a digital ledger called Blockchain. Blockchains are hosted through numerous computers across the globe. 

The Cryptocurrency system is secured by Cryptography, the conversion of data into an unreadable format to unauthorized users. 

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency is transferred through a peer-to-peer system using software called «Cryptocurrency Wallets». 

The process of recording Crypto transactions in Blockchains is called, «mining». This entails solving mathematical problems so users would be able to add a «block» of transaction to the ledger, hence the name, Blockchain.

Much like actual currency, Cryptocurrencies can be traded. Cryptocurrency Exchanges are important to the growth of the digital currency. 

Digital Currency Exchanges (DCE) refers to the businesses of exchanging Cryptocurrencies for other assets. A Cryptocurrency Exchange can be a liquidity provider; it can sell to and buy from clients. It plays an important role in forging greater profit and creates market liquidity. 

Suffice it to say, it’s not overly-idealistic to look for the best cryptocurrency trading platform. It is one of the pertinent steps toward cryptocurrency trading success. There are a myriad of cryptocurrency trading sites that aim at teaching you how to smartly trade cryptocurrencies through a platform conducive to your digital financial goals.

Commodity Trading

Commodity Trading is basically the exchange of individual groups of raw materials and goods in Commodity Markets. The products include precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, soft goods which include: coffee, sugar, and corn, and energy sources like oil, gas, and heating oil.

Including what had already been mentioned, there are over 70 types of commodities traded internationally. Worthy of note, Commodity Trading makes up 30% of the entirety of international trade. 

While some traders consider it complicated, it is relatively simple and doesn’t even require consultation with a broker to place orders. It can actually be done online which is simpler and more efficient than the traditional method.

As the Commodity Market plays an important role in international trade, online platforms now take centre stage. Backed by a number of companies, these platforms help new investors through their introduction to multiple methods to fund their activities. These companies’ funding strategies make use of varying ratios of debt maturities and debt types. 

A beginner must also be oriented with Commodity Options. 

Options are efficient means of participating in the Futures Markets. It provides traders not only profit from leverage, but also gives them the ability to weather and manage potential and present risks.

The most recommended time to make use of such is during extreme prices intervals. Opportunities within the Commodities Markets present themselves when they come from long periods of lows or highs. 

Commodity Trading Advisor

In a nutshell, the Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) is an optimization solution. As we are in an era where technology makes it easy to conduct both business and pleasure, the Advisor lets you handle more pertinent tasks simultaneously. 

Through the CTA, a trader is allowed continuous trading, customization of advisors, and better decision making. A Commodity Pool Operator or CPO), (a person or a limited partnership who gathers money from investors to combine it in a pool to invest in Futures contracts and options) usually need a CTA. It counsels investors with crucial decisions for the collective’s good. 

CPOs are advised to only get CTAs registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). A thorough background check with the FBI has to be conducted before it can give investment advice. 

Trading Tools

The site’s different Forex trading platforms allow the trader greater effectiveness with his or her strategies.

The Forex trading tools found on these platforms offer:

  • The capability of building your own investment portfolio
  • The knowledge of competently managing risks with limit orders
  • Viewing of the history of previous deals for strategy analysis
  • A convenient and intuitive interface
  • Viewing of quotes in real-time 
  • Account control and management of transactions
  • Printable charts or Forex Graphics of different time periods
  • Access to a wide range of technical indicators and tools
  • The ability to install indicators and trading robots

With these amazing tools readily available, the trader is sure to build strong trading strategies leading him or her to industry success.

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