How To Deal With Fomo

Keep this list in your desk drawer or your planner, ready to read whenever you feel the FOMO starting to creep in. There’s no doubt that FOMO takes its toll on our mental health. But letting it make you feel bad about your personal life is one thing, allowing it to damage your career is a whole other ball game.

This combined with expectations for our achievements and social lives, plus scrolling through some sparkling Instagram photos, and boom – that’s a lot of negative emot […]

9 Ways For Students To Overcome Fomo

Loneliness can be an incredibly difficult emotion to deal with – writing down how you’re feeling and coming to terms with your inner-thoughts can be a great way to handle it. Get in touch with us through askUCL, our online student enquiries system. If you are experiencing an event and already planning on how to work it in to your Facebook status than there is a chance you are missing out on the moment. To find out more about the teenage brain, check out this blog. Realize that there are h […]

Learn Forex Trading In 10 Key Steps

We’ve included an example of a forex spread bet and a forex CFD trade below. Those who are starting to trade will come back after some time and verify all what is said because everythings is on the place. Wining trade will give confidence that the next trade with larger lot size will be also successful. I think it also depends on the country where the trader is located. This split money management works well with risking dollar amount not the 2% that brokers are promoting.
You can still p […]

How To Calculate The Maximum Safe Lot Size For Trading

The general measure of the trade is carried out using pips/cents/ticks or account- dollars. Similarly, experienced traders might choose a trailing stop-loss that changes continuously. What I mean is that every single trader is different and everyone have different targets when it comes down to trading. Before adjusting your risk to reward ratio, make sure to be emotionally stable. Once you master that everything else is just trial and error before it will become natural. For more information on […]