How To Deal With Fomo

Keep this list in your desk drawer or your planner, ready to read whenever you feel the FOMO starting to creep in. There’s no doubt that FOMO takes its toll on our mental health. But letting it make you feel bad about your personal life is one thing, allowing it to damage your career is a whole other ball game.

how to get over fomo

This combined with expectations for our achievements and social lives, plus scrolling through some sparkling Instagram photos, and boom — that’s a lot of negative emotion to start your day. Sometimes, after going through all the steps above and dissecting your career FOMO, the feeling just doesn’t go away. In that case, it probably isn’t simple jealousy, but rather a sign of real career unhappiness. Then you can at least leave your current job, and develop your career elsewhere knowing that you really tried, and with your goals still intact.

Trading Psychology: What You Need To Know About Fomo

Both unanswered questions and the use of privileged groups create a powerful feeling that a browser will miss out on something if they don’t click the link. In the example above, Canva uses a number of these strategies to make the article more enticing. The blog title introduces a list, hints at a secret and creates an “in-group” that the reader relates to. This email is part of the on-boarding sequence for the social media management tool SocialBee.

  • FOMO is not a mental illness in itself that needs to be treated.
  • But these are often the moments that make us feel good on a daily basis.
  • And these more practical messages, while they may seem trivial, can help you stay connected, improving your communication and intimacy .
  • An Order Soon notification gives your customers a deadline for placing their order if they want to receive it on a certain day.
  • This doesn’t mean you should delete all your social media apps and fling your phone into the sea.
  • And, by encouraging your customer to think about receiving the purchase, the notification triggers a feeling of ownership .

Personally, for me it is my relationship with God, His faithfulness, my relationships with people I love and any given chance I can help others in their need. If in the past people used to stay in touch or keep up with a limited circle of family and friends, today we “have the luxury” of seeing not only what our friends are up to, but also what Kylie Jenner had for lunch. Decide what’s important to read/watch/stay connected to and keep track of the time you spend “monitoring those updates”. Very often we can watch one gazillion YouTube videos, read hundreds of articles or blog posts full of pretty great advice to help us resolve a certain issue.

Anxiety, Loneliness And Fear Of Missing Out: The Impact Of Social Media On Young Peoples Mental Health

Although these perceptions may not actually reflect one’s image in the eyes of others, the absence of gratification may amplify feelings of anxiety and loneliness. A recent study conducted by the OECD, for instance, found that those who used social media more intensively on average had lower life satisfaction. Sometimes applying mindfulness to your social media use takes practice and that’s ok.Visit eM Lifeto access on-demand content, expert instructors, and a community of support.

If you’ve had my name popping up from time to time on your social media feed, you’ve probably noticed something in the last couple of weeks. Fear of missing out can make you do things — sometimes even something that you don’t want to do. Once you learn to handle it, you will feel better and happier than before. What you communicate to each other over the phone may vary from messages of love to checking if you need anything from the shop. And these more practical messages, while they may seem trivial, can help you stay connected, improving your communication and intimacy . In a relationship, it’s important to give each other your full attention, but FOMO can play on your mind, nagging at you to check your phone and see what’s new.

Clear Out Social Media

FOMO is nothing new; it’s human nature to flex the comparison muscle. The difference now is that we can keep up with the Joneses 24/7, thanks to their heavily filtered Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. When their parties, partners and pregnancies are plastered across your screen day and night, it’s very easy to feel like you don’t match up. For our ancestors, this would have had life-or-death consequences, like having no one to watch your back when you went hunting. The stakes may be different today, but we still feel the same intense social rejection. Often the hardest thing to do when faced with negative emotions is to spot them and take yourself out.

Fomo: The Role Of Social Media

If you’re really worried, talk to someone you trust , or ask the community here on Click. The impact of FOMO marketing is so consistent that online businesses now incorporate it into almost every aspect of their marketing strategy. For example, booking websites often add “low stock” notifications to their offer pages. These notifications show that the flight or hotel room is nearly sold out (or that there are “only … left”), encouraging visitors to make a decision immediately.


Even without setting a deadline for your customers, the knowledge that they could miss out is enough to create Urgency. Another important element of any FOMO marketing strategy is to highlight previous opportunities that they have missed. Showing real offers and options that your visitors have missed out on will increase their motivation to act on new opportunities.

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