Triple screen trading system: Triple Screen Trading System Part 1


At the request of the readers, a video lesson has been recorded where this trading system was dismantled and considered in its most classic version. Using a factor of 4 will require us to downgrade our charts to the 8-hours time frame. As you can probably tell, the Alex Elder trading rules involve the use of multi-timeframe analysis. The second Screen applies technical indicators to identify retracements against the trading bias established earlier. On the same note, oscillators work when the market is range-bound, and tend to give false signals when the market is trading.

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Once the trader has decided on the time frame to use under the triple screen system, they then label this as the intermediate time frame. The long-term time frame is one order of five longer; the short-term time frame is one order of magnitude shorter. Traders who carry their trades for several days or weeks will use daily charts as their intermediate time frames. Their long-term time frames will be weekly charts; hourly charts will be their short-term time frame. In order to combat this problem, it is helpful to divide time frames into units of five. In dividing monthly charts into weekly charts, there are 4.5 weeks to a month.

Then, for the first screen, you can take a weekly timeframe, and for the third screen, an hourly one will be ok. For example, if the mid-term trend is H1 or H4, the long-term will be D1, while the short-term one – M15 or M5. Elder developed a system to combat the problems of simple averaging while taking advantage of the best of both trend-following and oscillator techniques.

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Dr. Elder also recommends the Relative Strength Index and William %R. You can choose your favorite one. Keep reading as we explain everything you should know about the Elder Triple screen trading system, what it is, how to set up, how to trade it, etc. The Triple Screen trading system was developed by Dr. Alexander Elder, a psychiatrist, and professor at Columbia University, born in Leningrad, today Saint Petersburg. No problem, check out the demo version and have a poke around. The company is involved in the exploration and development of precious metal deposits in Alaska.

Hourly rallies provide opportunities to short when the daily trend is downward. This seventy-minute webinar comprehensively focuses on helping the viewer understand all the multiple aspects of a portfolio strategy that targets investing through live trading. The presentation covers how investors have made money through the triple screen trading system and why it is safe to invest in the market as the stock markets move towards recovery and growth. The crux of this factor-of-five concept is that trading decisions should be analyzed in the context of at least two-time frames.

The screens are analyzed from the longer timeframe to the shorter. So, the daily chart is used to determine the long-term trend. And, for this purpose, the 200-day moving average, which is the standard measurement of bullish and bearish trends, will be our trend filter. The point is to determine the trend on a large timeframe by using the trend indicator and to find the entry point using an oscillator on the main scale. Therefore, you can apply trend indicators and oscillators which you like and which suit you.

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Stock and currency prices in the most random price movements will follow a trend despite the time, day, or date. It is based on common sense, and the most ignorant of investors is not going to pay $1000 for an $800 stock, and vice versa. This means that the markets’ prevailing rates will continue with minor fluctuations according to demand and supply of shares in the market. is a blog website dedicated to financial markets and online trading.


Finally, the moment to take profits will be determined by yourtrailing stoponce you are in a position. You can set it to protect 50 percent of your running profits or, in the case of shorter time frames, a fixed pip value should work just as well. For example, if we are looking for bullish entry points in a daily chart used as our intermediate screen, we would use a trailing buy stop one point above the previous day’s high. The first step is to identify short term reversals that are exhausted or finished. It would be a contrarian movement from the long-term trend or a smaller trend that goes in the opposite direction of the dominant one. Let us use a triple screen in Forex trading with the EUR/USD currency pair as an example.

It will be of little profit to apply three screens in a “bare” form, with only one indicator on each chart, since forex is a complex market where a thoughtful approach is required. Therefore, this strategy in its classic form requires additional filtering. Alexander Elder’s Triple Screen trading strategy has become widely popular because it is universal and suitable for different financial markets.

In principle, there is nothing wrong with adopting and adhering to a single indicator for decision making. In fact, the discipline involved in maintaining a focus on a single measure is related to the trader’s discipline and is, perhaps, one of the main determinants of achieving success as a trader. Sounding more like a medical diagnostic test than a financial trading method, the triple screen trading system was developed by Dr. Alexander Elder in 1985. Define a long-term trend using a trend indicator, for example, EMA with a period of 26. The strategy became known to a wide range of traders in 1986 and, since then, has never ceased to be popular and, in one or another variation, is used by many traders to this day. Beginners on Forex often ask about more than known Triple Screen Strategy by Alexander Elder, which is mentioned in the book “How to play and win at the stock exchange“.

Alexander Elder’s “The New Trading for a Living Book” emphasized that the Triple Screen system can’t be used to provide concise buy and sell signals. Alexander Elder trading strategy works as a methodology of verification of the trend from a one-time frame to the next. On the M15 chart of Platinum, we see in detail the wave that was indicated as an entry area on the previous chart.

The option is more suitable for beginners, so as not to get confused. We use an oscillator to enter the market, for example, a stochastic. This week will bring a stream of important statistics for the currency market, with less activity expected on Friday as Western Christians prepare for Easter.

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Elder’s system is meant to counteract the shortfalls of individual indicators at the same time as it serves to detect the market’s inherent complexity. In this review, we will discuss a trading strategy called Triple Screen, designed by a popular trader and author Alexander Elder. This is one of the most famous strategies suitable for all financial markets.

If the order does not work, move it slightly higher than the next closed candlestick. Continue to move the order , until the trend on the first screen changes to bearish. In this article, we will examine the medium-term indicator trading strategy «Three Moving Averages + MACD».

The point is, because the market is very complex, even the most advanced indicators can’t work all of the time and under every market condition. Alexander Elder is a professional trader that lives in New Hampshire. He has written 16 books, amongst these are the international bestsellers, The New Trading for a Living and Come into My Trading Room (nominated for Barron’s 2002 Book of the Year). Both of these are considered modern classics amongst traders. We leave the position when the oscillator on the second screen enters the overbought area , or the oversold area . Any information contained in this site’s articles is based on the authors’ personal opinion.

The Kicker candlestick pattern appears during an uptrend or downtrend and signals a sharp market reversal. It is rarely seen on price charts and usually forms due to the release of important information related to an asset. If there is an uptrend on the first screen and a downtrend on the second one, the Trailing Stop will be catching a buy at a reversal upwards. The Buy A Stop Order is an order to the broker to close or open a position at a specified price.

The next step is to try to identify MACD movements away from the zero area. If the MACD is moving upward after crossing the zero area, it will be an uptrend. If MACD is crossing down from the area above zero, it will be a downtrend. If the EUR/USD is trending up, we will identify buying opportunities; on the other hand, if trending down, we would seek to sell the EUR/USD. Swing trading is an attempt to capture gains in an asset over a few days to several weeks.

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For example, if your first screen is the daily chart and we downgrade our time frame by a factor of 6, the next time frame would be the 4-hour chart. Each will be reflected in one of the three screens, as the table below shows. The Triple screen trading system is an investment strategy developed by Dr. Alexander Elder in 1986. It works by identifying the dominant trend over the long term and then using reversals to identify entry areas.

Thus, we now have the confirmation from two indicators that our market interpretation is very likely correct and our strategy has a high chance of being successful. Beginner traders often look for a magic tool — a single indicator that would help them make big profits. They may get lucky for a while, but eventually, the magic disappears. When losses kick in, they tend to think that the reason for that is the unlucky indicator. Mauricio is a financial journalist and trader with over ten years of experience in stocks, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

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