Swing trading patterns: Best Indicators For Swing Trading

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Successfully trading these swings requires the ability to accurately determine both trend direction and trend strength. This can be done through the use of chart patterns, oscillators, volume analysis, fractals, and a variety of other methods. In contrast, swing traders attempt to trade larger market swings within a more extended time frame and price range.

It might seem counter-intuitive that swing traders would be trend traders. For our profit targets, we will look at the next significant level of support or resistance. We’ll aim to exit the trade just before that level is reached. Thus, we hope to avoid the risk of another swing point, turning the trade against us. All that really matters is that you stick to the risk and reward ratios set out in your trading plan.

He has been a professional day and swing trader since 2005. Cory is an expert on stock, forex and futures price action trading strategies. With any investing strategy, the overall direction of the market matters. Are things trending up over the past 10 days, or are they trending down? And fortunately for you, VectorVest simplifies this, too.

If you open a short position at a high, you’ll aim to close it at a low to maximise profit. Likewise, a long trade opened at a low should be closed at a high. For many, the attraction of swing trading is that it can be worked in around a 9 – 5 job and other life commitments. Compared to day-trading, swing trading doesn’t require the same screen time however, work has to be done to get the trading system in place. For sure, taking a position home overnight requires a different approach to risk than that of a day trader. Position sizing will reduce while feelings like impatience and frustration can be amplified.

Swing Trading Strategies

They work on daily charts, weekly charts, or any other chart you use to assess a market situation. The stochastic oscillator is another form of momentum indicator, working similarly to the RSI. It compares the closing price of a market to the range of its prices over a given period.


As such, you must understand the basics – even if you’re using a stock prediction software that simplifies the basic indicators for you . The longer the time horizon, the more prices swing within the trajectory. A position trader might hold through many smaller swings. For example, the high and lows of the previous day may often be treated by traders as support and resistance. On other occasions, a retest of prior highs and lows might signal an impending breakout. There are a million ways to make money from the markets and there are also a ton of swing trading strategies out there.

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Besides the strategies themselves, the key takeaway I want I want this post to give is that it’s irrelevant what you trade. The goal of this post isn’t to cover those aspects of trading (I go into a little detail in the Swing Trading Whitepaper that I’m giving away free). When I day traded commodities, I liked the feeling of cashing in at the end of the day and having money in my account to show for my day’s work. For a double top, the central low of the letter M will be the support level for double bottoms the central peak of the W will be resistance. In a perfect pattern, the neckline will be close to horizontal.


If the market does then move beyond that area, it often leads to a breakout. Moving averages calculate the mean of a market’s price movements over a given period. In doing so, they smooth out any erratic short-term spikes.

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Momentum Indicators

No BS swing trading, day trading, and investing strategies. A trend is the general price direction of a market or asset. Determining the trend direction is important for maximizing the potential success of a trade. The next step is to define an exact point of reversal. This task is best accomplished using specific candlestick patterns.

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From the right rim, we will then look for the price to pull back to form the handle of the pattern. As noted above, the handle should ideally slope sharply downwards, as we are looking for a strong move into support. After this, the bull trend resumed with great momentum and a seven-day upward move – an excellent swing trade. So with this strategy, we will look for continuation patterns, such as flags, pennants, triangles, and cup and handle. Any crossover of the longer-term EMA, in this case, the 50, by the shorter-term, the 25 will give a clear visual indication of a potential swing point.

There was also a divergence present at the time of the trade. The price was moving higher within a longer-term uptrend, but then there were three days in a row with long upper tails and little change between the open and the close. Swing traders can look for short-term reversals in the price to capture forthcoming price moves in that direction.

Any research provided does not have regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation and needs of any specific person who may receive it. It has not been prepared in accordance with legal requirements designed to promote the independence of investment research and as such is considered to be a marketing communication. Although we are not specifically constrained from dealing ahead of our recommendations we do not seek to take advantage of them before they are provided to our clients. When a market drops to an area of support, bulls will usually step in and the market will bounce higher again. When it hits an area of resistance, on the other hand, bears send the market down. This makes them useful spots to identify so you can open and close trades as close to reversals as possible.

Support and resistance are areas on a market’s chart that it has difficulty crossing. They form the basis of the majority of technical strategies, and swing trading is no different. Swing trading can be a means to supplement or enhance a longer-term investment strategy. Swing trading is one of the few ways traders attempt to capture frequent short-term price movements in a market landscape that tends to evolve at a much slower pace.

Cup and Handle Chart Pattern

The spinning toppattern is another common candlestick reversal pattern. It shows indecision because there is volatility throughout the period but by the end of the period, the price is near where it started. While spinning tops may occur on their own and signal a trend change, two or three will often occur in tandem.

Any instrument, whether stocks, futures, options or cryptocurrencies, can be traded using the EMA crossover strategy. Reasons Not to Buy a Stock details some additional things to avoid when swing trading this strategy. My Complete Stock Swing Trading Course reveals the whole process of finding explosive stocks to trade, including WHEN to trade this strategy, and when to back off. The stock below broke out from a consolidation a bit above the triangle. The first consolidation was very loose , so it was left alone.

Once a stock has been trending in one direction too long, it becomes too well known. Retail traders are piling in because a stock that keeps going up and it seems like easy money. Patterns at this point start to become larger, more choppy, and loose. The following chart shows a couple of variations, or at least how they are drawn makes them look like a variation.

Moreover, since the 25 and 50 EMAs are frequently used by swing traders, they are also the most likely to be useful indicators of support and resistance. In addition to those listed above, several other tools and indicators are often used by swing traders. These include Kagi charts and Gann angles, which can remove some of the noise to show the strength of existing trends. Other tools include the Accumulated Swing Index and the McLellan Oscillator, among others. This article will focus on using oscillators and candlestick patterns to identify swing trades. Cory Mitchell, CMT is the founder of TradeThatSwing.com.

When a faster MA crosses a slower MA from below, it can be indicative of an impending bull move. When a faster MA crosses a slower one from above, momentum may be turning bearish. Market swings can provide ample opportunities for profit – but to take advantage, you’ll need to know your swing trading indicators. Here’s an introduction to the top indicators, including moving averages, RSI and volume. How swing trading works, then you know that traders look for trends and patterns to identify opportunities. But how do you find these opportunities and validate them?

But the important thing is to observe our own risk management rules at all times. I use a position sizing method called Fixed Dollar, with a Twist. You can read all about it, and other position sizing methods in How Much Stock to Buy.

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