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Initially, households used to keep gold as a precious metal or as jewelry. It is the go-to asset when the financial markets are in turmoil owing to its safe-haven status. Gold prices remained resilient as capital markets across the globe faced immense pressure. Of late, gold has multiple industrial applications due to its inert property and the ability to conduct electricity. China is the leading producer of gold, with the other major economies mining this precious metal being Russia, Australia, and the US.

Find out more about the factors that influence the price of gold. It is another high-quality ‘sweet light’ oil, which has an even lower sulphur content and density than Brent crude. WTI oil is drilled in various US states – including Texas, Louisiana and North Dakota – and sent to Cushing, Oklahoma for price settlement.

Brent Crude is generally slightly more expensive than WTI crude oil. The difference in price is known as the Brent/WTI spread and changes often because of their different supply factors. Global conflicts in Europe and the Middle East are more likely to affect Brent Crude oil while economic or political events in the US economy more heavily affect the price of WTI. Brent Crude contracts equal 1,000 barrels of oil and are traded primarily on the Intercontinental Exchange . Traders can also enjoy Plus500’s free Trading Academy which provides them with a helpful FAQs section, how-to trading videos, and a free eBook. You can practise your strategies using the Free Plus500 Demo Account and get a feel for trading the vast array of different commodity instruments before committing real money.

Slippage can work both in your favour and against you — for example, trading in commodities with low liquidity could potentially lead to greater losses. Is another important base metal, one that is exceptionally light and corrosion resistant. It is often combined with other elements – such as copper, zinc and magnesium – to form alloys that are both strong and light. For these reasons, aluminium, and alloys containing it, are useful for commercial applications including the manufacture of vehicles and planes, packaging and construction. The majority of aluminium is produced in China, followed by Russia, Canada and India. It is a food source that is used primarily to produce animal feed, ethanol, corn syrup and starch.


Gold’s price is more stable than most other commodities, and the global economy is its strongest price indicator. When major economies around the world experience trouble, the price of often gold rises as people transfer their wealth to the safe-haven commodity. Copper is traded on the NYMEX, but its price on the London Metals Exchange functions as the global benchmark.


As another versatile crop, soybean has multiple applications, which is why the crop’s popularity has been high in multiple countries. It acts as a rich source of protein and is consumed as tofu, soy milk, and soybean oil. The demand and price for soybeans depend on the price of meat since the crop acts as an alternative to it. Major countries producing the crop are the US, Brazil, Argentina, and China.

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However, since 2000 there have been significant fluctuations in price due to changing Chinese consumption. The country has rapidly urbanised – requiring vast amounts of steel – and experienced phenomenal economic growth. Because of this, Trump’s tariffs have also had an indirect effect on iron ore, with prices falling due to a reduction in demand. Please ensure you understand how this product works and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing money.

Linter fibres, a by-product of cotton, are used to make bandages and paper money. The largest producers of cotton are India, China and the United States in that order. Commodity trading has several benefits depending on the market participant.


There are several varieties of corn – the main ones being dent, flint, pod, popcorn, flour and sweet corns. The majority of corn is grown in the US, followed by China, Brazil and Argentina. A commercial trader trades on behalf of a business or institution. Commodities attract fundamentally-oriented players including industry hedgers who use technical analysis to predict price direction.

However, a small amount is also used in industry as it is highly resistant to most chemical reactions and conducts electricity. The majority of gold is mined in China, followed by Australia, Russia and the United States. Its composition can vary substantially dependent on the desired end use, so there is no agreed standard for the alloy. As a result, there are multiple futures contracts for steel, which can make it difficult to trade.

Global steel production in 2022 was 1,803 billion tonnes, and more than 530 million Futures Contracts of Steel Rebar were traded on the Shanghai Futures Exchange. In contrast, there were just 458,999 Steel Futures and Options Contracts traded on the London Metal Exchange in 2019. There is no shortage of financial instruments on offer for investors and speculators to trade. Almost anything that can be, has been turned into a security or a derivative and made tradable in one way or another.

Gold has always been a valuable commodity throughout history, especially among investors with its steadily increasing value over recent years. Finding out more about the basic units that create a habitable living environment for all of us. Central banks hold gold reserves as a backing for the value of their fiat currencies. Commodities are considered fungible, meaning any commodity is interchangeable with any other commodity of the same type as long as they maintain the expected standard of quality.

Considered as one of the most versatile agricultural crops, the advent of biofuels has also especially increased the demand for corn over the last decade. Corn has become such an important commodity that United States has over 80 million acres dedicated to its production. Is produced chiefly in Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia and Ethiopia which influences the qualities of the coffee bean. Ethiopian coffee is traded on the NYMEX and serves as the benchmark for all coffee prices. Has long been one of the world’s most important commodities, consumed heavily in just about every country. The largest producers of sugar are Brazil, India and the European Union.

What Are the Most Traded Commodities?

China reimposed strict Covid-19 restrictions, including lockdowns and mass testing, to fight fresh outbreaks at the end of March. While the country has since eased restrictions, concerns have been raised about the slowing growth of the world’s second largest economy. China is one of the world’s largest importers of commodities and energy – from oil, copper to iron ore and nickel. The most traded commodities for decades have been firmly established as the biggest markets, most liquid and commonly traded worldwide. The significance of these most traded goods has even influenced the top 5 most traded currencies in the world.

Commodity trading also offers a host of unique propositions to traders that other financial products may not exhibit. Traders can use commodity trading to enhance their returns when the capital markets are underperforming. In many cases, the price of commodities negatively correlates to traditional markets. This means that the commodities market offers derivatives that can amplify the returns by deploying a fraction of the capital required.

With IG, you can trade steel indirectly by speculating on constituent commodities, particularly iron ore. The following is a list of futures contracts on physically traded commodities. Like all world markets, commodity futures volume and open interest fluctuate in response to political, economic, and natural events including the weather.

However, gold’s rally quickly lost its shine by May as the Fed’s aggressive rate hikes to combat higher than anticipated inflation rate. The US Energy Information Agency on 7 June forecast WTI to average $102.47 per barrel this year, up from $68.21/bbl in 2021, but it is expected to ease to $93.24. Fitch Solutions on 7 July forecast WTI to average $102/bbl this year, up from $68/bbl in 2021. We recommend that you seek independent financial advice and ensure you fully understand the risks involved before trading. One of the most liquid exchange for trading Iron Ore is the SGX.

Commodity markets are popular with traders because prices can be very volatile, meaning there are often opportunities to profit by going long or short. The Chicago Board of Trade is a commodity exchange established in 1848 where both agricultural and financial contracts are traded. Natural gas futures trade unlike other energy or commodity markets, with a 20-year series of vertical spikes that have been repealed as quickly as they appear. Rallies above $10 in 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2008, and 2021 met with heavy resistance that triggered nearly 100% retracements over the next one or two years. Crude oil futures hit an all-time high at $145.31 on July 3, 2008 and sold off into the upper 30s during the economic collapse.

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