Forex tp: Take profit is a key to successful trades

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Almost every single one of them has it. But if it doesn’t you may check with your service provider since the tool is very important. Since you already know what does SL and TP mean, you’ve probably figured that the process of how to set SL and TP on MT4 is not at all complicated. The beauty of trading with Metatrader 4 is that all essential functions are conveniently located right where you need them. This way you can set both the SL and the TP when you place a new order. Labor Market and Real Estate Market data was published yesterday.


This way of setting Take Profit is appropriate to intraday strategies. Not to pay swaps, Take Profit can be set one hour before the day’s closure, for example. If the asset’s value fails to reach it, the trade is closed manually. This approach can also be used in news trading, just before important publications are released. Wait for the market price line to reach the predefined target price. The trade will close automatically upon reaching the Take Profit order value.

What are the advantages of Stop Loss/Take Profit?

A TP market order can work automatically at the preset level without the investor’s participation. Take Profit orders are typically used in conjunction with Stop Loss Orders to manage risk and protect potential profits. Let’s discuss Take Profit orders, how they work, and the advantages and disadvantages of using them in your trading strategy. Stop-loss prevents you from losing too much of your investment in one trade. Take profit helps you to lock-in what you’ve already earned.

TP orders fix profit targets before the price pulls back. Suppose that a trader spots an ascending triangle chart pattern and opens a new long position. If the stock has a breakout, the trader expects that it will rise to 15 percent from its current levels. If the stock doesn’t breakout, the trader wants to quickly exit the position and move on to the next opportunity. The trader might create a take-profit order that is 15 percent higher than the market price in order to automatically sell when the stock reaches that level.

Approximate TP levels are shown on the chart. However, as that’s a clear downtrend, it would be wise to delete TP once it’s triggered and protect the trade with Trailing Stop. That is a type of protective stop-loss order, and it often replaces Take Profit limit order. Unlike TP, Trailing Stop doesn’t close a profitable trade. It follows the price at a predefined distance and stands still when the market price reverses.

Open a trade on the current or next ascending candlestick. Set Take Profit on the correction’s beginning level — 0 as per Fibo grid. The average size of an asset’s daily candlestick is 80 points in 4-digit quotes. The value has covered 30 points within five hours since the day opening on the H1 chart.

What is a take profit in Forex and how to use it

You may want to test the environment with virtual money with a Demo account. Once you are ready, enter the real market and trade to succeed. Be patient and do not move TP closer to the entry price half-way during the trade.

This is because they can get out of a trade as soon as their planned profit target is reached and not risk a possible future downturn in the market. Traders with a long-term strategy do not favor such orders because it cuts into their profits. As already mentioned above, stop loss and take profit orders may seem very easy to learn, but they aren’t. They require months of learning about technical analysis.

The ATR measures volatility that a pair experiences during a certain period of time. It gives the average of these moves and shows the number of pips that the pair is anticipated to move. In this article, we will explain what Take Profit is and how to set this kind of orders to grab the maximum profit.

Take Profit strategies

When comparing Take Profit vs Stop Loss, Stop Loss is more important. TP orders are often changed based on a situation. The Stop Loss and Take Profit features are basically your risk management tools. You can choose between Stop Loss, Market Stop and Trailing Stop orders when exiting a trade.

Every beginner Forex trader needs to learn what is SL and TP in Forex, and how to use them to secure maximum profit from forex. Do not guess Take Profit levels, otherwise, you will lose. Base your predictions only on the technical and the fundamental analysis. Often enough, even if a trader places a good Take Profit order, he/she loses. Because it is highly important to follow your strategy and do not make other mistakes that lead to losses.

Hope we figured out what is take profit in Forex trading and know why should we use it how to use it correctly. If you have any questions, ask me in the comment section below. If you have already faced the incorrect execution of limit orders, leave a comment, and we will look into it together. TP setting based on goals or mathematical calculations.

Take Profit should be 2-3 times bigger than Stop Loss. That theory is mathematically based, but you shouldn’t stick to it strictly. As for the stop loss Forex order, you set it in order to minimize the losses as much as possible. When you enter the market, you adjust the maximum risk that you’re willing to take.

The idea is that if price retraces, the level might prevent the price from going further below and reverse it towards the desired direction. Once you calculate the SL distance from entry price, the next step is to calculate trade size. Generally, professional traders do not risk 1 to 5% of their trading capital per trade.

Those two points can thus be used for setting a TP stop order. Enter the level on which a long position must be closed in the Take Profit order window. A TP level must be more than the asset’s current value. A position to buy is opened at the Ask price, the higher market price marked as a red line on the chart.

There are many chart patterns that suggest specific target levels that can be used as a place for TP. Find the value of the ATR indicator at the moment when you entered a trade. Then add this value to the entry price and you will get a level to place your TP. How to calculate the right Forex lot size? Calculation of the lot size for different trading instruments on practical examples. You need to change the trade size in the order manually, closing a portion of the position and keeping the remaining part in the market.

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