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In strong uptrends and downtrends, these zones can indicate the levels of take-profits. When the momentum indicators’ lines break out the zero line downside, there is a potential sell signal. It means that the price of equity, futures, or a currency pair is starting a downtrend or a descending correction. Version 1 of the Momentum Indicator illustrates how easy it is to develop a trading strategy using this oscillator in conjunction with another indicator. In this case, the Average True Range indicator has been added to the chart.

This may work, but it often forces the trader to enter at the most inopportune time, as the signal is typically produced at the absolute top or bottom of the price burst. Prices may continue further in the direction of the trade, but it’s far more likely that they will retrace and that the trader will have a better entry opportunity if they simply wait. First invented by Gerald Appel in the 1960s, the MACD is one of the simplest, yet most effective, technical indicators around. When used in FX, it simply records the difference between the 12-period exponential moving average and the 26-period exponential moving average of a currency pair.


Overbought and oversold zone ranges are determined separately for each trading instrument. This popular momentum indicator measures the momentum, the velocity, and magnitude of price movements. The stronger is the relative price movement up, the greater is the indicator reading.

As with forces in nature, financial markets tend to move in waves as prices gyrate back and forth in search of a balance between buyers and sellers of the chosen instrument. As a rule, under these circumstances, prices also tend to overshoot their targets or overextend their current trends. A special class of indicators was created to focus on these oversold and overbought moments in pricing behaviour. These indicators go by the name of “Oscillators”, and the Momentum Indicator is just one of many to be found in this classification.

In conclusion, I want to note that you can choose other parameters for the MACD periods that you consider more efficient. Also, you should correlate the divergence signals with the longer-term trend, the long-term timeframe should not contradict the signals in the short-term chart. After the first sell signal appeared in July 2021, the price didn’t reach the TakeProfit level during the first decline. Next, following a short correction, the market opened with a gap, and the profit was greater than it would have been if the position had been closed at the EMA line. The overbought conditions and oversold zones in the market give the trader an idea of where the price can be stopped and a reversal, or at least a correction, can occur.

On Balance Volume: How to Use OBV Indicator Guide

Consumer consumption, trade deficits, and other macroeconomic data are all news events with the potential to move markets. Trading momentum leaves you at risk of reversals and price corrections. The strategy requires close attention to your trades, as a stalled price can cause selloffs that quickly snowball. Momentum in trading is the ability of a market to maintain its price direction, increasing and then decreasing in momentum as the price trend grows, slows, and eventually reverses. Trends in price action can be sparked by fundamental events like earnings reports or world news, or they can be caused by herd mentality like the GameStop short squeeze of 2021.

Moving averages are used by traders to spot emerging trends in markets. They use a formula that filters out random fluctuations to show a prevailing price trend. Although MAs are not a momentum-based indicator, they can help momentum traders see whether a market is rangebound or not. The relative strength index is a momentum-based indicator which provides buy and sell signals. Like the momentum indicator, it is plotted on a separate chart and is an oscillator – moving from zero to 100.

Momentum Indicators Advantages and Disadvantages

Description of Laguerre RSI parameters and forex trading strategies with Laguerre RSI indicator. Summing up, I can safely say that the Momentum Indicator is an efficient tool for both experienced traders and newbies. One can develop an own trading strategy based on the Momentum indicator combined with other indicators. The divergence between the price chart and the indicator line signals a potential trend reversal. The Commodity Channel Index is a momentum oscillator used to determine the overbought and oversold market levels.

The price rate of change indicator measures the momentum strength and determines the deviation of the current price from the average price a number of periods ago. In day trading, the Momentum is generally used to define the overbought/oversold and spot bullish or bearish divergence. Popular momentum indicators are Average Directional Index, RSI, MACD, and other indicators. The first buy signal appeared after the price movement broke through the previous low, but the momentum indicator only reached its previous low. To identify divergence in the bearish market, you need to draw a straight line along with the lows in the price chart and in the indicator chart. When the lines come closer to each other, there is divergence.

When the momentum indicator returns close to the zero level, it could serve as a potential exit signal. However, if a trade exit is based on such a signal alone, you could lose a significant part of the potential profit or even suffer a loss. Rate of change can be measured in a variety of ways in technical analysis; a relative strength index , a commodity channel index or a stochastic oscillator can all be used to gauge momentum. However, for the purposes of this story, the MACD histogram is the technical indicator of choice. One of the key tenets of technical analysis is that price frequently lies, but momentum generally speaks the truth.

Momentum trading in the Forex market (a discretionary approach)

Another variant of an exit signal is to close a position when there is a divergence between the price chart and the indicator line. For example, a signal to exit a sell trade in the chart below will be when the price breaks through its local low while the momentum indicator fails to make a lower low. This formula shows that the Momentum indicator is the difference between the most recent closing price and the closing price n periods ago.

Stochastic oscillator

The best momentum indicators are the Relative Strength Index , Moving Average Convergence/Divergence , and Stochastic Oscillator. The third signal formed when divergence continued and the price broke through another high in the chart. There is a triple divergence and a good profit from the sale. You enter a buy trade after the close of the next signal candlestick, whose histogram bar in the indicator window will be higher than the previous one. Momentum with the period of 4 serves as an oscillator and generates trading signals.

The primary objective is to determine the rate of change in prices in such a way that the tracking of this variable will reveal the strength of the trend under review. A change in momentum is evidence that investor moods are shifting, which may soon morph into a change in pricing direction. However, the word “momentum” is a general term in trading parlance. There may be some confusion when searching for this indicator since there are two versions in use. Its proprietary charting system displays Version 1, a simple representation that subtracts the current closing price from the closing price from 14 periods back. Choose the 6 currency pairs/crosses that have moved the most strongly over the past 13 weeks.

Williams Alligator Indicator

Draw the centre line yourself directly in the indicator window, setting it to level 0. If the indicator line is above zero line, the trend is upward. If the indicator is below the zero line, the trend should be down.

Momentum strategies are also known as “trend-following” strategies. This behavior can be driven by various factors, including investor psychology, market sentiment, and news events. Our gain and loss percentage calculator quickly tells you the percentage of your account balance that you have won or lost. Learn how to trade forex in a fun and easy-to-understand format.

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