Forex backtesting software: 10 Best Forex Backtesting Software


Your memory will save this wisdom when your muscles cooperate with your mind. Test your strategy on as much as 20 years of historical data, go to any point of time, control the speed, save your project to return to it later, and much more possibilities await you. QuantHouse – QuantHouse is not going to be too useful for most traders, unless you have a large amount of AI’s running within the markets. I would advise staying away as you won’t need this level of detailed data, nor would it be cost effective or efficient.

Subscription to get the fullest paper trading simulator. The free version of Forex Tester allows using Strategy Optimizer on 1 month of data, while the full version opens as much as 20 years for the AI to work on. Lot management — an option that allows selecting how the lot size will be set — based on the Risk % or fixed lot value. Build a profitable business of selling your profitable trading signals with the FOREX COPIER service.

Backtesting is only worth doing manually if you are honest about the results. This is a huge mistake new traders make every time they do a new backtest. With the help of the best backtesting tools listed above, backtesting is a very quick process. With that in mind, you should be backtesting all of the currency pairs you have access to. I have traded strategies previously that perform very well on EURUSD and GBPUSD, but don’t have any sort of profitability on EURCHF and EURCAD. You have absolutely no way of knowing this though unless you dedicate your time to a full backtest of the strategy on all of the currency pairs your broker offers.

Many traders heavily rely on the financial news, and this is not in vain. The power of an asset is affected by what is going on in the world or a specific country. The Fundamental analysis tool is designed for that matter! Train to utilize every piece of information to squeeze the most out of it.


Try using different of them to find the most effective one for your trading style. Control the speed of testing, from the slowest one to instant rewind to the required time or date. I run experiments on a consistent basis – like this one with Heikin Ashi candlesticks. Those experiments are key to long-term success in Forex trading. Excel – Most people will already have access to Microsoft Excel so I’m counting this as completely free. If you don’t and don’t want to use a free alternative like Google Sheets, the cost is going to be around £100 for a license to just Excel.

TradingView – TradingView comes in very cost effective at just $14 per month for the package needed to backtest. I have been a paying customer of TradingView for years and I wouldn’t say I have ever needed to pay for a higher tier package than this. «I like that members are willing to exchange trade ideas sourced on the platform.» Backtest portfolio returns, drawdowns and risk characteristics of different portfolio strategies. Backtest all major US traded futures including commodities, equity index, interest rates, and currency products.

Risk management

The idea of doing a successful backtest is that you gather a HUGE amount of data and can analyse this data without needing to go back and complete another backtest. QuantHouse – As Quanthouse is not really geared towards retail traders, there are no reviews online of the offering. Forex Tester – Forex Tester ranges from $299 for the lowest package, to $898 for the largest package. For the majority of retail traders, the $299 will be more than good enough for all of the backtesting needed. You can use software to simulate years of trading data in just hours and massively fast track your trading experience. We have compiled a list of the worlds leading Forex Backtesting Software Providers.

Always renew your portfolio with new trading systems and instruments by finding them through testing. It is important to understand that any trading system has its lifespan. That’s why if you want to make money steadily, you should constantly test new trading systems on your instruments. Even if one of your systems has started deteriorating, it’s not a big issue when you have 10 systems on various markets in your portfolio. That’s why testing on historical data is an activity that you need to do constantly. This may take you 2 months of data, or 15 years depending on the trading strategy you’re trying to test.

Not only is backtesting important from a psychology point of view, it can allow you to tweak aspects of your trading. Let’s say that you take a few trades per month on the JPY during London open. What if you’re not profitable in trading purely because these trades, out of session, are losing 90% of the time and completely changing your overall win rate? TradingView, everyones favourite charting tool, has a backtest feature. TradingViews’ paid version allows traders to go back to any point in the historical data and trade, candle by candle, up to present day. The tool is absolutely brilliant for technical traders looking to test strategies and refine their edge.

Risk / Reward Tool

Conduct testing on at least 1 year of your strategy with Forex Tester to get a clue of what results you can get during various market phases. Explore the universe of Forex and trading with the built-in educational course. Use any from the vast list of indicators and graphical figures.


The goal of the initial phase in trading is to learn how not to lose money. A proper risk management aid you can find in the module of risk calculation in Forex Tester. When buying Forex Tester, you will get the “HOW TO CALCULATE RISKS CORRECTLY”. The reality is that most trading strategies do have a very small edge over the long term . Traders get a few weeks of drawdown and lose all faith in their strategies because they have actually tested them.

A wide variety of datasets allows traders to backtest regardless of strategy or instrument traded. Effortlessly backtest strategies against historical data to validate your trading ideas. Not only do the price and volumes change on the Forex market, but the spread tends to be different depending on the varying circumstances on the market. Before and especially during big news the spread can become altered significantly. You might learn the simplified version of Forex, then go to a real market and find out that your version has nothing to deal with reality. No one should be limited only to the most common currencies.

Every pilot trader needs a

The good thing is, unlike the real market, Forex Tester won’t burn your money on a less successful strategy. You can adjust any parameters and try again as much as you want. If you have a profitable strategy that has shown positive statistics for a 1-year period + 6 months on a demo account, then you can move to a real account. Soft4Fx – Soft4Fx is extremely user friendly once setup.

Request customization of the features of Forex Tester to match your needs as a mentor. Not understanding any of these aspects will lead to failure. You can develop these strategies based on those popular ones that we guarantee to everyone who buys FT. Easily switch between time frames without even stopping the action. The Stochastic oscillator was extremely overbought, so buying at the top of the market was not a good idea! Trading with Forex Tester like pilots train before taking off.

Backtest Studies

If you set it at 20 points, you won’t be able to set SL/TP levels less than 20 points. It opens a simplified panel so that you can open orders in one click. This is a truly convenient tool if you want to gain tons of experience in the shortest time. These 10 strategies are the easiest way to launch your experience. All the simulated trading necessities are in one place with “all-inclusive” FT software. Don’t search for additional data on third-party sources.

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