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So, the best time frame for this theory is the one that fits your trading needs and interests the best. Price$492Number of Indicators10+AvailabilityOn MT4Extra OffersSpecial guides, SWAT rules checklistSWAT is one of the leading programs that you can use to trade with Elliott Wave theory. This theory can be used by traders to spot large price movements in the market and enter positions before others. In today’s guide, we will go through the best software providers for Elliott Wave theory. So, follow our guide and choose the software that fits your needs the best.


The goal is to elevate anyone with the desire to that of a professional investor. In fact, many NEoWave clients are professional money managers, brokers, and traders. Discover what makes NEoWave’s Trading service unique – and profitable.

WaveBasis has been designed from the ground up to put unprecedented power in the hands of both novice and experienced traders. More effective than a simple wave trend indicator, WaveBasis helps you apply Elliott Wave Theory in your trading in the most accurate and efficient way possible. We actually calculate for you all the relationships between each system, Fibonacci, Elliott Wave, Price, and Time projections, and then we color code those systems in a fashion that makes it very simple and easy to understand. Track ‘n Trade employs several Elliott Wave tools for identifying and charting the Elliott Wave, both manually as well as mathematically system automated.

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Elliott Wave Markers — A simpler version of the Elliott Wave components, which may be used to place an Elliott Wave label on the chart. This can be useful for showing an alternative wave count on the same chart as the primary count. When using the manual Elliott Wave tools, you can draw or drag the wave pattern on the chart and MotiveWave will add the wave labels for you, no more drawing separate lines and typing individual text letters and numbers! All Elliott Wave Rules and Guidelines are enforced, which means you will see a warning if you manually place a pattern in a way that breaks a rule. This shortens your learning curve with Elliott Wave significantly and allows you to be more confident in your wave counts.

Investing in cryptocoins or tokens is highly speculative and the market is largely unregulated – therefore anyone considering it should be prepared to lose their entire investment. Investing carries risk of losses, the market service that never makes mistakes does not exist. Information provided by SML is expressed in good faith, but it is not guaranteed. Please realize that investing in the markets demands recognition of the fact that error and uncertainty are part of any effort to assess future probabilities. Ask your broker or your advisor to explain all risks to you before making any trading and investing decisions.


No matter what your initial budget is, you can easily find a solution offered by the company that fits your individual interests. This makes MotiveWave highly profitable and useful for traders of all different backgrounds and interests. The Hurst Cycles Study is used to predict future market peaks or troughs. You can choose the display location on the chart for both, and choose the font for the copyright message. The Watermark feature in MotiveWave enables you to display an image of your choice and copyright text of your choice on the charts. Buy and sell orders can be placed directly from the option table by clicking on the Buy/Sell buttons that are next to each Put/Call pair.

A template can then be applied to another chart, or be set as a default template to be automatically be applied each time you open a chart. For the Community, Standard, Order Flow, and Elliott Wave Lite Editions, (because they don’t have any strategy backtesting functionality), you only have the ability to test custom studies/indicators. You can still code strategies within the SDK, but there would be no way for you to test them in the Standard, Trade, or Elliott Wave Lite Editions.

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«Your concise recommendations cut through the noise. That is a big help to anyone who trades for a living.» The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. Without a subpoena, voluntary compliance on the part of your Internet Service Provider, or additional records from a third party, information stored or retrieved for this purpose alone cannot usually be used to identify you. In essence, Elliott Waves describes price movements as alternating between impulsive phases that establish the direction of the trend and corrective phases that oppose the direction of the trend.

WaveBasis offers its clients different types of subscription models. This way, the company ensures that traders of all different interests can find something that fits their individual trading needs and budget. Among them are three types of subscription opportunities, including Casual Trader, which costs $49 per month. It offers traders the opportunity to use 6 charts at the same time, and 3 workspace tabs. There are four main categories of software packages to choose from. The first option is the free community membership, which gives you access to the charting and trade simulation platform.

MotiveWave currently supports 30+ brokers and data feeds, as well as any broker who connects through CQG, Rithmic, and GAIN. Whether you trade stocks, forex, futures, cryptocurrencies or other, WaveBasis will help you make smarter trading decisions and take control of your trading. Award-winning, fast, modern, beautiful real-time charts — and a familiar drag and drop experience, for every kind of investor. «I have been trading professionally for 10 years, and have never before seen the accuracy that your service provides.» «Your service gives me greater confidence in placing Stop orders, because you provide specific entry prices along with corresponding Stops.» This trading service provides detailed recommendations for all major world equities, commodities, currencies, and fixed income.

The best thing about this software is that it can be a great option for traders of all different budgets. After doing some thorough research, we were able to identify the best software providers for EW analyses. We focused on several different factors, including price, availability, number of indicators, as well as extra offers. Auto Harmonic Study — Automatically detects and displays the best fitting Harmonic patterns for the set range of data and updates in real time. MotiveWave has a built-in Study Scanner that looks for trade setups across a given set of instruments and bar sizes based on study conditions that include 1 or more studies. For example, show results for NASDAQ symbols for 5 min or 1 hour when RSI value is greater than 80.

What is the best Elliott Wave software?

It’s the most intuitive, objective, and advanced Elliott Wave software available. I signed up on your program and am very impressed with the innovative yet simple Elliott wave analysis tool. BlackBull Markets is Moving to blackbull.com We are thrilled to announce that BlackBull Markets is transitioning from blackbullmarkets.com to blackbull.com as our new website domain, effective from the end of April 2023. This domain transition is purely aimed at streamlining our online presence and enhancing our brand identity, and it will not affect your ability to access…

Trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed in this site or videos. Leadingtrader and Simpler Markets Ltd is not an investment advisory service and does not make any recommendations to buy or sell any stocks, futures, forex, options or any financial instrument. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. Opinions, market data, or recommendations are subject to change at any time.

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The Momentum-based ZigZag is great for anyone looking for a simple, straightforward Elliott Wave indicator because it provides entry points and directions. The Momentum-based ZigZag does not repaint, meaning it does not recalculate the bars, the downside being that a messy market could result in a lot of contradictory signal bars. It is a form of technical analysis that is based on investors sentiment and psychology. In a complete Elliott Wave cycle, impulse waves have 5 waves and correction waves have 3 waves.

If you are a short-term trader, you can use one-minute, five-minute, or one-hour charts. It all depends on your individual interests and other indicators that you are using in conjunction with this theory. By taking a look at how the theory works, one can easily tell that the theory should be equally useful for any time frame. This is so because of the fact that the Elliott Wave patterns are fractal, and thus, it is very hard to say that there is any ‘best’ time frame for this theory.

This can be very useful to avoid clutter when switching to different bar sizes on a chart. Chart linking is a powerful feature that enables you to apply an action to a set of charts . MotiveWave currently has 300+ built-in studies and indicators, with more always being added. Standard and Elliott Wave Lite Editions currently have 290+ built-in studies and indicators, with more always being added.

For example, show a Trend Line only on bar sizes smaller than or equal to 1 hour and a Comment only on the current bar size of 1 day. Simply click on the page tab at the bottom of the console window to go to that Page. Practice your trading and test out new trading ideas in MotiveWave’s Replay Mode. Visit our User Forum to get coding tips and to discuss coding your study with other MotiveWave users. Cloud workspaces are hosted on MotiveWave’s server and can be accessed from any computer using the same license key. All Elliott Wave Theory Rules and Guidelines are enforced, with warning alerts to allow you to change your counts — Making it easier to learn Elliott Wave and become an expert.

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Decompose Elliott Wave formations to any level, speeding up your analysis. I want to thank the team there for putting this excellent service together as you have found a long term customer here.

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