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A signal line which is an moving average of the COG is also plotted. The user may change the input , method , period lengths and guide values. This indicator’s definition is further expressed in the condensed code given in the calculation below.

It is known as the Center of Gravity indicator and belongs to the group of oscillators. Ehlers states there are no delays and the smoothing effect allows to catch signals very early and clearly. The gravity position indicators such as the COG are often plotted as an oscillator in the chart. This means that it contains a graph with a line that quickly moves up and down. Specifically, the COG indicator contains two lines – a COG line and a signal line . The indicator consists of five lines, which look very much like another channel indicator – MBFX.

Lagging indicators help improve market visualization and make chart information more easily digestible. When trading Forex, stocks, or other securities, locating support and resistance areas is one of the main objectives. Support and resistance points and areas work as price stoppers.

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The probability of winning this indicator is high during the ranging market conditions. You can also adjust the period according to the type of trading strategy. However, the optimum period for the COC indicator is 10, and the creator of this indicator also recommends it.

Fortunately for us, we have the IQ Option platform, which has this indicator built-in. The important thing is to understand how the indicator works and to interpret it correctly. I will explain the Center of gravity indicator in detail in this post, so read the full article. Volume Weighted — If this checkbox is checked, volume will be used, in addition to price, to weight the number series in the Center of Gravity calculations.

Then you need to take the downloaded file into the correct MT4 folder. After that, you just need to restart the platform, and you will have the COG indicator successfully installed on MT4. As noted in the article above, there’s no Center of Gravity indicator MT4 platform offers on default.

When price reaches a significant level, it either retraces back or breaks the level, and the probability of price making sharp moves in the breakaway direction increases. When trading levels, traders get an amazing risk to reward ratios as Stop Loss orders are usually placed behind significant levels. To make money trading, the universal rule is to buy low and sell high . Support and resistance levels help traders buy from low points, place the smallest Stop Loss possible, and give ideas about where to insert Take Profit targets. The indicator from 2002 was designed for trading on the reversals of the price. It helps to predict future movements and works best on ranging markets.

And traders who can find significant levels, can trade using the best risk to reward ratios as Stop Loss orders are generally placed right behind significant levels. Resistance occurs when the uptrend starts to pause or slow down. As the price has reached its peak, many traders want to start selling their assets, thus forming a resistance level to the uptrend. Using the CoG tool, you can build a unique trading system, since the price never moves in only one direction – it is cyclical and varies from its average values ​​to extremes and vice versa. And it is these values ​​that help to identify the considered indicator.

The COG indicator can be combined with the ADX indicator to improve trading decisions. However, I will not recommend you to keep trading this simply because a simple mathematical formula cannot make you a profitable trader. You need to add confluences to build a profitable trading system.

Its efficiency drops significantly during the moments of the price trend. In opposition to such oscillators like Stochastic or RSI, the COG does not include oversold or overbought zones. Lagging indicators are those that observe the already-occurred price movements, therefore, their signals are generated after a certain move. Traders usually use them to confirm a trend and make trading decisions in the same direction of that trend. The Center Of Gravity is calculated from the sum of prices over a user defined period.

Center of Gravity?

This indicator is a result of Ehlers research into adaptive filters. The Investor/RT implementation of COG includes an option to «Volume Weight» the oscillator. When this option is checked, volume will be used in addition to price to weight the indicator.

It will draw real-time zones that show you where the price is likely to test in the future. This method includes simple buying and selling based on the COC line and signal line crossover. The Center Of Gravity period can be adjusted directly from the keyboard without having to open up the preferences window. Just select the indicator and then hit the up or down keys on your keyboard.

The up arrow key increases the period by 1 while the down arrow key decreases the period by 1. There is only one variable, which makes this an easy indicator to adjust. Before we get into why we’re only looking at the one line, let’s take a fast peek at the settings. So that being said, we’re going to get rid of the blue line by going into the settings and making it go away…as noted below.


Basically, it is just a question of adding the closing prices during n recent periods. It gives clear signals to enter buy or sell positions whenever the lines cross each other. Conversely, if the COG line crosses below the signal line, it means that the asset price has met resistance and started declining. That’s because, during a trend, the price will likely continue in the same direction for a while, whereas the COD indicator is applied to quickly change prices. Unlike leading indicators, lagging indicators only assess the price movements that have already occurred. Therefore, traders use them in order to confirm a certain trend, which is also a very important factor in trading.

How to calculate the Center of Gravity indicator

This option makes it easier to compare COG indicators of differing periods. COG is an oscillator based on an article by John F. Ehlers on page 20 of the May 2002 issue of Stocks and Commodities Magazine. COG has essentially zero lag and enables clear identification of turning points.

How to trade with the Center of Gravity indicator?

Leading indicators, in contrast, enable traders to make certain predictions about future price movements. Such indicators, like the COG, take a form of oscillators with their value fluctuating up and down within a graph. When Ehlers claims that the COG has little to no lag, he means that the buy and sell signals are generated live as the price is moving. Plotted as an oscillator, the COG indicator tries to provide signals for future price swings.

Center of Gravity indicator setting in MetatraderBased on these indications, the trader has the opportunity to see how far the price deviated from its baseline. According to the theory of technical analysis, the price always strives to return to the point of its equilibrium value, i.e., to the blue line. If prices have gone too far to the channel’s extreme borders, then we could expect a possible reversal. Adjust the top and bottom guides to control the quantity and quality of the trading signals. If the COG is above the top guide and crosses below the signal line a sell signal is generated. Conversely, if the COG is below the bottom guide and crosses above the signal line a buy signal will be given.

IC Markets are my top choice as I find they have tight spreads, low commission fees, quick execution speeds and excellent customer support. And, now you are aware of another indicator that many traders don’t know or use. That being said, the results we post in these blogs should never be considered specific trading advice.

On the other hand, when the green line crosses the red line from the upper side, a bearish trend reversal occurs. So, according to these rules, a bullish trend reversal occurs when the green line crosses the red line from the lower side. The indicators are always popular among new and intermediate traders. COC is also one of the most popular technical indicators in the forex market. The creator of this indicator has also claimed that it has no lag in predicting the trend.

The green highlighted rows represent “basic tweaks” on the settings which returned better results. Given that variables including testing date range and broker data are different from person to person, you may find better settings. Remember, comprehensive analysis is strongly suggested, and we advocate backwards and forward testing indicators or systems prior to trading actual funds. This lone variable tells the formula how many periods to take into consideration when calculating the signal line. This is where having a computer to calculate the indicator is key.

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