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OpenText’s platform integrates IoT, AI and blockchain technologies to build autonomous, intelligent and connected supply chains. OpenText is a global leader in enterprise information management, and provides a cloud integration platform for digital supply chains and business ecosystems. The company’s customers include some of the world’s largest enterprises in the manufacturing, retail, consumer goods and financial services industries.

However, new stocks are not automatically added to or re-ranked on the page until the site performs its 10-minute update. Blockchain technology has the potential to transform the cashless payment space, particularly when it comes to cross-border money transfers, which have historically been slow and costly. For example, its acquisition of open-source software developer Red Hat gave it plenty of cross-selling opportunities with its enterprise clients.

Here’s What You Missed in Crypto This Week Coinbase to potentially consider move from U.S. as SEC charges crypto trading platform Bittrex As bitcoin, ethereum and… With that in mind, here’s a list of nine excellent blockchain companies to consider if you want exposure to this exciting technology in your stock portfolio. While central banks around the world are considering how to integrate regulated digital currencies into the current financial system, cryptocurrencies are still inherently vulnerable to instability. ServiceNow is a member of the Hedera Governing Council, the leading public distributed ledger and governing body. The company is also a Hedera distributed ledger technology network user, which allows its Now Platform customers and partners to benefit from the network’s capabilities. The list of symbols included on the page is updated every 10 minutes throughout the trading day.

Below are five of the largest Canadian blockchain technology stocks by market cap on the TSX for investors to consider. Below are five of the largest US blockchain technology stocks by market cap on the NASDAQ and NYSE for investors to consider. Coinbase’s business has taken a hit as cryptocurrency prices have recently declined, but it could also be one of the biggest beneficiaries if the assets rebound. One of the best things about Coinbase — at least from a blockchain investor’s point of view — is that no matter which cryptocurrencies end up leading the way, the company should be a big beneficiary as the technology grows. The blockchain technology sector has experienced notable growth over the past few years.

International Business Machines Corporation (NYSE:IBM)

Dozens of publicly traded companies now incorporate blockchain into their operations, offer blockchain-related services to customers, or play a role in the cryptocurrency industry. Some are exclusively focused on blockchain innovation and/or cryptocurrencies, while others are using blockchain-related products and services to complement an existing successful business. The platform helps restaurants and retailers manage inventory, view customer data and analyze multi-channel sales data within one system. PayPal enables its US- and UK-based customers to buy, hold and sell four types of cryptocurrency — Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash — through its platform. These cryptocurrencies can now be used alongside other payment methods in the PayPal wallet to make purchases. In the US, the company has introduced crypto services on its mobile payment service Venmo.

Several publicly traded companies can provide limited exposure to the cryptocurrency market, but those investments won’t come with the same focus on a cryptocurrency or blockchain project as investing directly in a crypto asset. Most obviously, Cash App allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin quickly and easily. With the company reporting more than $10 billion in Bitcoin purchases in 2021 alone, this is a significant part of the company’s business. Also, Block has its own team of Bitcoin developers, known as Spiral , that has several exciting projects, as well as an open-developer platform for blockchain applications known as TBD. The company’s new name is indicative of its shift in focus toward blockchain technology solutions.


Global fintech company Intuit leads the world in personal and business finance software. Its platform serves the more than 100 million customers worldwide who use well-know brands such as TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks and Mailchimp. Volatility profiles based on trailing-three-year calculations of the standard deviation of service investment returns. Notice that all seven of these stocks are either well-established businesses or leaders in their respective industries. Unique to, data tables contain an option that allows you to see more data for the symbol without leaving the page. Click the «+» icon in the first column to view more data for the selected symbol.


Here’s a brief overview of blockchain technology, followed by some of our favorite blockchain stocks — and one important principle blockchain investors should keep in mind. As blockchain technology matures, there will be many opportunities for investors. Along with blockchain exchange-traded funds and other avenues, blockchain technology companies are a means of gaining exposure to this segment of the tech market. Here’s a look at 10 of the largest US and Canadian blockchain technology stocks by market cap. Cryptocurrency is a good investment if you want to gain direct exposure to the demand for digital currency and the projects or businesses they facilitate.

We studied industry reports and identified major players that are at the forefront of the blockchain industry. We studied their business models, product pipelines, and balance sheets, and then filtered out the stocks with positive market sentiment. Along with each stock, we have mentioned analyst ratings, the hedge fund sentiment, and salient features that make them good investments in the space.

As a result, blockchain technology has the potential to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and create better customer experiences. Additionally, the ability to create immutable records on a distributed ledger could revolutionize the way businesses and organizations manage their records and transactions, leading to increased trust and data integrity. Blockchain technology is widely known as the breakthrough technology underlying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and digital assets. It’s a modern system of recording information that is difficult or impossible to alter. This distributed ledger technology is being adopted by a wide variety of public companies and is being applied in many different forms. Blockchain technology is likely to play an instrumental role in facilitating a move toward a more decentralized, faster, and transparent world.

Canadian blockchain stocks

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are prone to volatile swings, which may lead to major monetary gains as well as catastrophic losses. View the latest top Barchart Exclusives stories, with a focus on today’s important stocks, ETFs, and commodity market news. Mastercard — Strong Buy, based on 21 analyst ratings, 19 Buy, 2 Hold, and 0 Sell. Block — Strong Buy, based on 29 analyst ratings, 23 Buy, 6 Hold, and 0 Sell. Nvidia — Strong Buy, based on 37 analyst ratings, 29 Buy, 7 Hold, and 1 Sell. Marathon Digital Holdings — Strong Buy, based on 4 analyst ratings, 3 Buy, 1 Hold, and 0 Sell.

In July 2021, the NBA’s Chicago Bulls launched an online store on Shopify to sell the sports association’s first-ever NFTs, including digital artwork of NBA championship rings. This page provides a list of publicly traded blockchain technology and blockchain-related stocks. California-based ServiceNow is a platform-as-a-service and software-as-a-service company that provides cloud computing capabilities to help companies manage digital workflows for enterprise operations. ServiceNow’s Now Platform is a cloud-based platform for automating IT management workflows.

Top blockchain stocks to consider

About $256 billion in cryptocurrency assets are stored on Coinbase’s platform. Mastercard also recently helped launch the first crypto-backed payment card in partnership with crypto lender Nexo. In a nutshell, «miners» use specialized GPUs to process transactions on the blockchain and are rewarded with newly minted digital coins. Although sales of Nvidia’s crypto-targeted CMP chips have cooled off as cryptocurrency prices have declined, sales could rebound if the crypto market recovers.

Although 2022 was a turbulent year for the market, investors are beginning to learn to live with the volatility of blockchain technology stocks. The GlobalX Blockchain ETF has an expense ratio of 0.50% of assets, which is reasonable for a targeted fund. It invests in 25 different companies, including several previously discussed (Coinbase is the fund’s top holding), as well as some that aren’t directly listed on U.S. stock exchanges. In short, if you believe in the long-term potential of blockchain technology but don’t want to try to pick the winners in the space, this ETF could be right for you.

The «More Data» widgets are also available from the Links column of the right side of the data table. Barchart is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for individuals with disabilities. We are continuously working to improve our web experience, and encourage users to Contact Us for feedback and accommodation requests. Notable open interest changes for April 19th Tuesday’s total option volume of 35.7 million contracts resulted in net open interest growth of 4.25 million calls… Coinbase overseas exchange could be ‘quite meaningful,’ says Barclays Barclays analyst Benjamin Budish says that days after Coinbase’s CEO Brian Armstrong suggested the company could leave the… Nvidia may reduce supply of GeForce RTX 4070 GPUs, TechSpot reports In response to slow sales, Nvidia may temporarily slash the supply of GeForce RTX 4070 GPUs, TechSpot’s Adrian…

A bank, for example, can store information on its internal servers, but blockchain technology allows the creation of an unchangeable public ledger that’s accessible to all users. Blockchain ledgers are a very secure means of storing data since they cannot be modified retroactively, and they can be used anonymously to protect users’ privacy. You may know blockchain as the technology behind Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies.

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