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I have already mentioned that one could put the second or even the third entry, thus increasing your profits. Williams considers this approach to be safest, referring to it as reverse pyramiding. The strategy suggests that you enter a trade with the least volume upon the first signal, as it is can be a short-term trend. I have already described the example when a divergent bar resulted only in a shallow pullback. Remember, the oval zone marks the entry point according to the bullish divergent bar, the green and the red lines mark the entry level and the stop level accordingly.

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You can find these indicators in Metatrader (click “Insert”, choose “Indicators” and then “Bill Williams”). The second important signal to enter the market is based on the Awesome Oscillator, you are already familiar with. Its work principle is similar to the famous MACD indicator. The AO measures the immediate momentum in the market.

The market structure according to Williams Theory

I am now going to deal with the basics of the Three Wise Men trading strategy by Bill Williams. Notice during most of this up move, the prices stay above the Alligator’s lips . The prices cross the line for the first time when the bull trend is exhausting. This article explains an interesting theory of Three Wise Men in Trading Chaos developed by Bill Williams, one of the most famous American financial analysts of the second half of the 20th century.

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The main objective at this level is to learn to trade in the market and not lose money while you gain experience. Most novice traders search for a mechanical system that will make them rich and successful if they can just put the pieces of the market puzzle together. This type of structure produces an action-reaction behavior. One type of desired behavior leads to an opposite undesired behavior.

The ideal moment for such actions is the third signal, delivered by fractals. In the dailyBTCUSDprice chart, you see the Alligator’s lines are moving randomly and then, they start moving in the same direction and separating at the same time. A pattern showing the lines going apart is referred to as the Hungry Alligator by Williams.

Let’s continue to study Trading Chaos by Bill Williams. He divided 5 levels of proficiency from the beginner to the trader-expert. Candlesticks is the beginning of the beginner level but this knowledge is necessary for the successful trading. Figure 1 You can see here the bar structure, the open, low, close and high of the bar. It means that they are made of shapes that can be in turn divided into smaller copies of these shapes. Any decision a trader makes is a behavioral fractal.

Bill Williams is regarded as one of the forefathers of modern technical analysis. Last year, we had several different accounts, and one account was up over 100%. [This account is his everyday account from which he takes the profits once a month and buys physical gold and interest-bearing gold certificates.] The big account was up over 40%. We started something a couple of years ago because I believe one of the things that hurts people’s trading is that they get in and out too much, too quickly.

Bear markets and VSA (Masters of the markets. Part 5, the final one.)

According to the original methodology, you need to set a trailing stop. This position gives us a very close initial stop-loss, which would be the length of the signal bar. Initially, Williams’ ideas aroused much controversy because of their revolutionary nature. Indeed, in his theory, the analyst disputes the truth of some unshakable laws of fundamental analysis. Bill Williams is a famous American trader known for his unique approach to the market that comprised trading psychology and the chaos theory. Williams developed several technical indicators (Accelerator/Decelerator Oscillator, Alligator, Awesome Oscillator, Fractals, Gator Oscillator, and Market Facilitation Index).

As you know, you can get maximum profit during trend markets. You gonna enter to longs or shorts, to take some profit. Another situation when you need to urgently exit the trade is the reversal signal.

When the trend grows stronger, there is the Second Wise Man that confirms the trend strength. At this time, it makes sense to add on to the position opened. Next, you should continue investing, gradually reducing the funds you add on.

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As you can see, the market really broke down rather significantly afterwards. Click on Insert from the top ribbon of the platform and pull down the menu. From there, select Insert, and then select Bill Williams.

The 13, 8, and 5 smoothed simple moving averages are used for this indicator, and as the indicator spreads out it shows a stronger trend in general. The problem is that uninformed traders often fail to discover the earliest indications of that turnaround. Williams in the analysis of hundreds and even thousands of reversal points noticed one pattern, later called the first wise man signal. The bullish reversal follows the bar with the lowest low, it must close in its upper half and be well outside the Alligator’s mouth. It signals that when the bar was opening, bears dominated the market, but they gave the way to bulls by its close.

Any opinions, news, research, analyses, prices or other information contained on this website is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. Adding the Bill Williams Fractal Indicator in Metatrader is very easy because it is already built into the platform. There is no need to go out and download something else. You can simply select the indicator to add it to your chart.

Trading With the Bill Williams Fractal Indicator

This allows you to stay on the right side of the trend anyway, and as a result you can avoid getting into too much trouble. For example, if you get a fractal that forms in the other direction of the trend, you simply ignore it, at least until the moving averages tell you it’s time to go in that direction as well. Another common use for the Bill Williams Fractal indicator is to confirm trends. For example, if the market is in a strong uptrend, there will be more fractals that are broken to the upside than the downside. That being said, the inability to break through the previous fractal can give you a hint that the market is getting ready to consolidate, or perhaps even change trends. Deepen your knowledge of technical analysis indicators and hone your skills as a trader.

The nonlinear nature of the market processes is proven by the fact that 90% of traders lose employing these types of analysis. The market is ruled by two types of ideas, they are opinions and facts. On the one hand, they are quite powerful, as they, like any other beliefs, have a huge impact on trade and investment decisions. On the other hand, opinions have an influence only on some traders, basically weak holders, who I wrote about in the series of lessons about the VSA model. For example, opinions are ideas like “An ordinary trader is helpless against the market-makers”, “Only a privileged group of people knows where the price will go next”, “Trading is a battle”. Let us first study some theory and then move on to practical examples.

Three rivers, efficient Forex pattern

It uses the Market Facilitation Index in conjunction with the type of bar to generate strong long and strong short signals. General information Bars numeration All bars or candles could be numbered with the following algorithm. There are a lot of varieties of pivots indicators of which some are a default on most trading platforms.

Williams writes that most traders and investors think that the market is too complex, and so, they miss obvious things. The markets are not mysterious and unfathomable. The primary purpose of any market is to ration, existing and future supply to those who want it the most.

It should be noted that some people will use the Bill Williams Fractal indicator in order to find a trend line. For example, the average trend line will simply look for highs and lows and try to connect them going either up or down. When it comes to the speed we execute your trades, no expense is spared. No matter your experience level, download our free trading guides and develop your skills.

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