Best forex trading app: 6 Best Forex Trading App to Use in 2023

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You are likely planning for the future, and you deserve to hold on to as much money as possible. The platform offers news alerts and direct CNBC mobile streaming for market news. Traders who initiate a large number of their currency exchanges on-the-go will love the platform’s alert system, which sends push notifications with set trading alerts. We selected the best forex trading apps that come with minimal spreads, great tools, and fast trading speeds. You can access the software on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, and the company states that it covers 100% of your deposits up to $1,000. FXTM is also known for offering a wide range of trading instruments users can use to learn how to trade, start trading, and investing.

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Forex trading – FXTM offers forex trading with a range of currencies, metals, and CFDs. We are committed to offering our clients the best trading conditions in the industry. Since 2001, we have been providing our customers with cutting edge technologies, innovative products, and top-notch customer service. The company’s headquarter is located in London, but also has offices in Dubai, Moscow and New York. It was founded in 2009 by two experienced traders who wanted to offer their customers the best trading conditions.

This includes the ability to trade CFDs, Forex and futures, as well as access to its extensive suite of trading tools. In 1993 Interactive Brokers launched its first web-based trading platform followed by mobile applications for Android and iOS devices in 2011 and 2013 respectively. The advent of mobile devices has made it even easier for traders to access their accounts from anywhere at any time.

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There are a lot of different forex trading apps out there, but not all of them offer the same features or services. Some only allow you to make trades from your phone, while others let you do everything from your phone except actually place trades. A forex broker is a financial services company that provides traders access to a platform for buying and selling foreign currencies.

The app also offers advanced charting capabilities, which allow you to spot trends and trade based on technical analysis. Plus, if you choose one of our recommended brokers like eToro or FXCM, you’ll also get access to their platforms as well as other advanced features such as news feeds and real-time market data. If you’re searching the web looking for forex brokers, you’ve more likely already come across IG. However, there are concerns over how secure forex trading apps actually are. A recent survey by MyFXBook found that many traders don’t use two-factor authentication to protect their accounts on mobile devices – and this is a major security risk. Forex trading apps are becoming increasingly popular with investors.

Trading forex on your phone is easier than every now that you have the ability to download forex trading apps like the ones in this list. Don’t be afraid to shop around for forex brokers until you find one that offers fair fees—this will help you minimize loss while trading. While you must budget to pay for spreads and commissions, you should not overpay.


Then you can use Oanda’s highly customizable charting tools to draw and compare price movements. When that’s all done you can set price alerts so you know as soon as something reaches the price you’re looking to buy/sell at. In essence, eToro doesn’t provide great research capabilities but is very strong in most other areas.

Like others, the app is powered by the cloud, letting you access analysis tools, trade data, and price alerts from any device. It provides streaming quotes for all major forex trading, cryptocurrencies, indices, precious metals, and commodities. Plus you can access professionally curated news covering Asian, European, and American markets. The best forex trading apps make it simple and easy to trade in foreign currencies, using your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are. The forex market is the largest financial market in the world with the highest liquidity. Trading takes place 24 hours a day, so reliable and easy-to-use trading platforms are critical for forex traders.

Best forex trading apps

This strategy is used by traders who want to make quick money from small price swings in the market. The strategy that is adopted by a trader depends on the market they are trading in and the amount of risk they are willing to take. A wide range of assets available for trading, including US stocks, options, futures and forex. Evotrade offers more than 1,000 no-load mutual funds from more than 80 fund companies including Vanguard, Fidelity Investments, Dimensional Fund Advisors , State Farm Mutual Funds and others. It also offers exchange-traded funds from iShares and Vanguard Group Inc., as well as individual stocks and bonds. Evotrade is an online brokerage firm offering no-load mutual funds, stocks and exchange-traded funds.


Especially noteworthy are the app’s copy trading capabilities and features for traders. Check out the full eToro review and see if this broker has all that you’re looking for. As a whole, eToro’s trading app competes well with other top apps in terms of accessibility and functionality, but there’s a catch. This platform is made for copy trading and has great perks for enthusiasts traders.

It’s also safe to trade forex too, in the UK, forex brokers need to be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority . These are the people who make sure the people holding your money are acting in your best interests and keeping your money safe. These are where you trade one currency for another – as simple as that. For instance, if you want to swap GBP to USD , that’s the currency pair, and it’s shown as GBP/USD. Trade Interceptor’s interface offers analysis and technical trading tools, including nearly 100 technical chart indicators. – Best Research and Charting

You can also trade in multiple currencies with Fineco, saving you cash in currency-coversion fees when compared to other brokers. If you’re looking for one of the best platforms in the UK to trade you’ve found it. The myTrade community feature lets users connect and communicate with fellow traders. Additionally, investors can test out their trading strategies with the paperMoney trading simulator feature. Signal sellers will claim to have this insider information and will sell you software that can give you the “real and up-to-date” prices you can benefit from.

Their trading conditions are unparalleled, making them one of the best in the scene. Since FXTM is globally licensed, users’ funds are guaranteed protected. And now, let’s see the top forex trading apps in detail one by one, starting with the winner, Saxo Bank. It has all of the features you would expect from a professional app such as technical analysis, news, price alerts and real-time charts. The Forex trading app is a software that you can install on your mobile device to trade currencies.

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Stop-loss functionality is one such feature that helps traders limit their losses and prevent them from making further losses when the price falls below a certain level. This feature helps in saving traders from losing their entire investment at once and ensures that they do not lose all their hard earned money at once. The Forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world. There are many reasons why this is so, but the biggest reason is because of its 24-hour nature. The FX market never sleeps, and that means that traders can access it anywhere in the world at any time of day or night. Scalping – This is done by taking small profits and closing out trades within minutes or hours.

It is regulated by several authorities globally, including the top-tier UK Financial Conduct Authority . You also have access to all of your trading accounts including live streaming prices with no restrictions on access or app downloads. Forex trading apps are a great way to stay on top of the market while you are away from your computer. There are several factors that you should consider before choosing an app. With this app you can draw technical analysis tools like trendlines, fibonacci retracement levels, Gann angles, pivot points etc. on your chart and save it for future reference.

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