Learn To Trade Using Simple Trading Strategies

A pullback is a change in the direction of the price – for instance, down in an upward trend – that does not affect the overall trend. Shorting Cryptos for some major Gains A quick video to demonstrate that buying Cryptos isn’t the only game in town. Plenty of profit can be made from shorting too, as Adrian explains in this video, reviewing 15 major cryptos and the opportunities over the last few days. The world’s oil markets continue to surge higher as the world’s markets con […]

Technical Analysis For Day Trading

Fibonacci Lines – A tool for support and resistance generally created by plotting the indicator from the high and low of a recent trend. If 98% of the stocks are up but only 2% are down or neutral at the open of the market, it’s an indication that the market might be more trendless and “reversion to the mean” day trading strategies could be more effective. However, if a lopsided advance/decline persists, it could mean that the market could be trending. Williams Accumulation/Di […]

Learn To Trade Forex & Shares Online

Unfortunately, many trend-following trades are ineffective as traders miss out on an ideal entry and lose money by entering the market too late. Day trading can be very profitable providing one picks the right market, tools and strategies. Those that work best for the day trader are not necessarily those that are the most popular for traders who have the luxury of holding overnight positions.

This type of strategy tends to be profitable in periods of directionless volatility. Trading styles ar […]