Leading Indicator Definition

Leading indicators must be measurable in order to provide hints as to where the economy is headed next. Investors use these indicators to guide their investment strategies as they anticipate future market conditions. Policymakers and central bankers use them when setting fiscal or monetary policy. Businesses use them to make strategic decisions as they anticipate how future economic conditions may affect markets and revenue. The index of consumer confidence, purchasing managers’ index, in […]

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A forward contract is a hedging product that allows you to secure an exchange ra […]

Lagging And Leading Indicators

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Lagging And Leading Indicators

This helps you to set future goals or benchmarks for profitability. Using this and gross profit margin, you can easily see if your non-operating expenses are too high and decide if you need to cut costs. Leading indicators keep track of inputs and are important to show how likely you are to meet your strategic goals.
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