Trade UTStarcom

UTStarcom (UTAthan达康) is a China-based global telecommunications infrastructure provider based in Beijing. The company develops and supplies a wide range of communications devices to telecommunication service providers and network operators including fixed and mobile operators, as well as to companies. Traditionally, the company has been focusing on markets in China, Japan and India, but has expanded to markets in Africa, Central america and Latin America, and the company's products Middle East. The product is designed to work with existing telecommunications infrastructure to provide low-cost voice and data services to access both wireless products (Wi-Fi) and fixed products, optimized for mobile backhaul, metro assembly, broadband access and Wi-Fi data. As of 2015, the company is focusing on two key areas: broadband and NGN. company has offices all over the world with commercial R&D centers located in China, Japan, South Korea, India, Middle East and Europe. It has been listed on nasdaq since 2000.