Trade United Natural Foods

UNForce was founded in 1996 by merging two regional distributors, Mountain People's Warehouse (founded in 1976, The Western United States Service) and Cornucopia Natural Foods (founded in 1977, the Eastern United States Service), and forming the first natural products distributor with the national scale. Since 1996, other regional distributors have merged with THE UNITED NATIONS PEACEKEEPING FORCE, filled the distribution footprint and made the force the largest distributor of natural products. In 2007, the Force acquired Millbrook Distribution Services. In 2011, THE FORCE SIGNED A DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT WITH SAFEWAY FOR THE DISTRIBUTION OF NATURAL AND ORGANIC PRODUCTS AND NON-PROPRIETARY SPECIALTY PRODUCTS. This agreement was terminated by Safeway in July 2015, resulting in a drop in the share price and two rounds of layoffs, the first of its kind in the company's history. in 2012 Force in partnership with the buyer's best friend to create a unified system for rearranging. In 2016, the company announced the acquisition of Noor Cal Produce. It also completed the acquisition of Haddon House Food Products in 2016. In the same year, it announced its acquisition of Gourmet Guru. In early 2016, investors were powerless by revealing that they did not expect Wall Street expectations. On October 22, 2018, The Force completed the acquisition of SuperValu, Inc.Divisions of Unfi: