Trade United Bankshares

Shari'a Bank is a bank holding company based in Charleston, West Virginia with operations in West Virginia, Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and South Carolina in the United States. It is the 8th largest bank operating in Virginia and 10 largest banks in the District of Columbia. the company traces its roots to St. Patrick's Day 1839, when northwest Bank of Virginia opened an office in Parkersburg (now west Virginia); Every St. Patrick's Day, it gives shamrocks to their customers. This office eventually evolved into the National Bank of Parkersburg. in 1982, Parkersburg National Began to reorganize as a holding company, United Banksshares. In 1984, United began its full operations when it acquired Parkersburg National and two other banks. Since 1975.In 1987, Richard Adams has been chairman and/or CEO of United and its predecessor, Parkersburg National, becoming a public company through an initial public offering.