Trade Steel Dynamics

Steel Dynamics, Inc., sometimes abbreviated as "SDI", is a steel producer based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. with a production capacity of 13 million tons, Steel Dynamics is the 3rd largest producer of carbon steel products in the United States. SDI is among the most profitable U.S. steel companies in terms of profit margins and operating profit per ton. The company is ranked 264th on the Fortune 500. Steel Dynamics was founded in 1993 by three former executives of Nucor with $370 million in funding. Production began at Butler's $275 million, Indiana, flat roll mill in 1996 and recorded its first annual profit in 1997. during the early recession of the 2000s, the company offered many incentive programs for employees to reduce costs and improve standards and outperformed most other steel manufacturers. In 2007, the company acquired Techs, a three-factor hot filling plant in Pittsburgh's flat rolled steel coat, and OmeSource Corporation.In 2014, the company acquired Severstal Columbus for $1.625 billion. The company's production capacity rose to 11 million tons. In 2016, the company acquired linked Vulcan products for $126 million. In 2016, the company began building a $100 million facility in Columbus, Mississippi.In 2017, the company began a $28 million expansion at The Ronok Bar Division.In 2017, the company began a $75 million expansion of the structure and railway sorority Division.In 2018, the company acquired the former Kentucky steel plant in Coalton, Kentucky.