Trade SEI Investments

SEI Investments Inc., formerly Simulation Environments Inc., is a financial services company based in Oaks, Pennsylvania, United States. The company describes itself as a "global provider of investment processing solutions, investment management and investment processes". SEI provides products and services to private institutions, banks, investment advisors, investment managers and private clients. Through its subsidiaries and partnerships in which the company has significant interests, SEI manages, advises, or manages $1 trillion in hedge funds, private equity, mutual funds and separately managed assets. This includes $352 billion of assets under management and $683.3 billion in client assets under management. SEI has corporate headquarters in Oaks, Pennsylvania and has offices in Indianapolis, Toronto, London, Dublin, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, South Africa and Dubai. SEI was founded as a simulation of company environments in 1968 by the current president and CEO, Alfred P. West, Jr. (also known as the West). In the 1970s, the Institute developed an automated credit and investment accounting system for bank credit departments. In the 1990s, SEI launched a wealth management operating platform for fee-based independent investment advisors. In 2012, investors sued SEI in connection with the financial crimes committed by Alan Stanford. Stanford had sold to investors fictitious deposit certificates (CDs) and investors claimed that SEI, as well as other companies, had promoted and misrepresented these certificates as safe investments without doing With due diligence. SEI replied that it was merely providing a Stanford subsidiary with back office services. As of September 2015, the case was still going on.