Trade SeaChange

SeaChange International is a global, general supplier of video delivery software. SeaChange's Framework includes video processing, back office, media asset management, dynamic ad inclusion (DAI), analytics, and user interface. The program supports linear channels and video on demand (VOD) and time shift tv (TSTV), on managed and unmanaged networks. The customer base includes broadcasters, content owners and service providers. SeaChange was founded in January 1993 by Bill Styslinger. In 1996, the company became listed on nasdaq. In April 2005, SeaChange purchased international assets for editing technologies. as part of a strategy to become a "pure play software provider" SeaChange did two divestitures: in May 2012, ODG sold to benefit TVN and its hardware-woven server business to XOR Media in the same month. in 2014 SeaChange acquired Schedule Labs, a startup that manufactures tools for broadcasters and video service providers to measure audiences via social media. SeaChange appointed Ed Terino as its new CEO in 2016, who stepped down on February 24, 2019 amid a struggle with the largest shareholder. On August 29, 2019, Yossi Aloni was appointed CEO.