Trade Ruth's Hospitality

Ruth Chris Steakhouse is a series of more than 100 steakhouses across the United States, Canada and Mexico. On May 22, 2008, the company underwent a brand change and became part of Ruth Hospitality Group after acquiring the Mitchell Fish Market. The group is headquartered in Winter Park, Florida. Chris Steakhouse was founded on February 27, 1927 by New Orleans businessman Chris Matulich. It was located at 1100 North Broad Street near the Exhibition Ground Racecourse, sitting 60 people, and had no parking. During matolic's 38-year administration, the business was sold six times, failed every time, and enabled him to buy the restaurant again at cheap prices from buyers. Ruth Vertel was a divorced single mother who needed money to send her teenage sons to college. Ruth ignored the advice of her banker, lawyer and friends, and bought the restaurant in 1965. She used her brother's restaurant, The Antique Sig restaurant in Port Sulfate, Louisiana, along with family recipes to lay the foundation for her restaurant. It initially planned to raise only $18,000 to cover the purchase price, until it was indicated that it would need an additional $4,000 to cover renovations and food costs. On its first day, May 24, 1965, it sold 35 steaks for $5 each. Vertel personally took a hand in every part of the business, but for many years, Chris Steakhouse was the only upscale restaurant in New Orleans with a women's waiting crew.