Trade RioTinto

aluminium division of Rio Tinto (formerly known as Rio Tinto Alcan) is a subsidiary of Rio Tinto, based in Montreal. The united states of The United States of American And British Airways has been the most effective way to achieve this. On the same date, Alcan was renamed Rio Tinto Alcan. is the world leader of mining and aluminium production, above once mother alcoa (which split in 1928), Rusal and some Chinese public companies. founded in 1902 as a Canadian unit of alcoa, has been woven off in 1928. R. Powell left Alcoa to become vice president of the Canadian Aluminium Company (later Alcan) in Montreal, president from 1937 to 1957, and then chancellor of McGill University from 1957 to 1964. Introduced the use of the name Alcan Aluminium Ltd. in English and Aluminium Akan Limitée 1966; That alcan name will gradually disappear to preserve only Rio Tinto Canada 2008 Alcan was merged with Rio Tinto Canada Holdings after Rio Tinto Canada Holding Company acquired the majority of the capital in Alcan after the acquisition made by merging Rio Tinto Canada Holdings Inc. was renamed Rio Tinto Alcan Inc.