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Ascena Retail Group, Inc. is an American women's clothing retailer. Asena also owns clothing stores Adalah, Lane Bryant and Kathryn's, the parent company of Anne Inc., the store operator of Anne Taylor and Loft. Dresbarn was first opened in February 1962 in Stamford, Connecticut, by Roslyn Jaffe. Jaffe saw the opportunity to provide dresses and clothing to work for working women during a period when women were entering the labour market in greater numbers. The company began trading on nasdaq (DBRN code) in 1982. In January 2011, to reflect its broader holdings, the company was reorganized as a Delaware company named Ascena Retail Group, Inc. and the company's NASDAQ code was changed to ASNA in 2011. in 2005, Ascena Retail Group acquired Morris from the American retail group. The name Ascena is derived from the former parent company of Morris, C&A Netherlands. A.merican S.ervices C. en A. where "en" is "f" in Dutch. in 2009, ascena retail group expanded into the girls' clothing market by buying Tween Brands, owner of the Justice chain of 891 stores. Justice, which targets girls aged 7 to 14, is also Khalifa Ltd., originally launched by The Limited in 1987. Very limited changed its name to the Twain brands in 2008, and the company had almost completely converted the rest of the very limited stores into justice stores at the time of the Ascena acquisition.