Trade PetroChina

10100 China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) (Chinese Simplified: 中石油Specialist然气集团Ppurs; Traditional Chinese: 中石油Shafiq然氣集團recent; pinyin: Zhōnggu Shíyíyóu Tinrānqı Jítuán Gōngsī) is a major national oil and gas company in China and one of the largest integrated energy groups in the world. It is based in Beijing's Dongcheng District. The company ranked fourth in 2020 in the Fortune 500, a global ranking of the largest companies in terms of revenue. CNPC is the government-owned parent company of PetroChina listed on the stock exchange, established on November 5, 1999 as part of cNPC restructuring. In the restructuring, PetroChina pumped most of its assets and liabilities into hydrocarbon exploration and production, refining and marketing, chemicals and natural gas. China National People's Petroleum Corporation and PetroChina are developing assets abroad through a joint venture, CNPC Exploration and Development Company (CNODC), which is 50% owned by PetroChina. in March 2014, Council President Zhou Jibining announced that the National Patent Council will open six business units for private investors. The company also has a memorandum of understanding with UOP LLC, under which the two companies cooperate in a range of biofuel technologies and projects in China.