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Pacific Union Corporation (Pacific Union) is a listed railway holding company. It was founded in Utah in 1969 and is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. It is the parent company of the current delaware-registered form of the Pacific Union Rail Line. Pacific Union was located in New York City from the company's re-establishment in 1969 until Drew Lewis became CEO in the mid-1980s. The headquarters was later moved to Dallas, Texas, before moving the company's headquarters to Omaha to join union pacific's rail headquarters. Lance M. Fritz is the current President, President and CEO. Pacific Union Company has a portfolio of access to the Missouri Pacific Railroad that included the Missouri Kansas And Texas Railroad, Chicago And Northwest Transportation Company, The West Pacific Railroad, Denver and Rio Grande Western Rail, St. Louis Southwest Railroad, SPCSL, and South Pacific Transportation Company. All rail, which does not include the South Pacific Transport Company, has been integrated into the previous form of the Union Pacific Railway. As part of the UP-SP merger that included the merger of the Denver and Western Rio Grande Railways, the South West St. Louis Railway and SPCSL in the former form of the Pacific Union Railway, The Pacific Union Company merged the former form of the Pacific Union Railway into the South Pacific TransportAtion Company Pacific And Rename the South Pacific Transport Ation Company to the current form of the Pacific Union Railway.