Trade Opko Health

OPKO Health is a medical testing company that focuses on diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. The company is a company traded on nasdaq and TASE under the symbol "OPK". OPKO Health is a diversified healthcare company located in more than 30 countries. The company's main business includes: Bioreference Labs, the third largest clinical laboratory with core genetic testing business and approximately 300 people sales and marketing team 4K test points, a blood test for prostate cancer used accurately to predict the likelihood of cancer spreading to other parts From the body within the next 20 years, the guide in patient care decisions pharmaceutical development such as Rayaldee approved by the FDA for the treatment of secondary hyperthyroidism (SHIP) the company also developed Varubi, a chemotherapy Nausea introduced drugs outside licensed to Tiziaro and TerSera TherapeuticsThe President and CEO of OPKO is Dr. Philip Frost, a billionaire biotechnology businessman who previously held the leadership positions during the early stages and successful sales of major drugs, Efax, and Teva Pharmaceuticals.