Trade National CineMedia

National Cinema (NCM) is an American film advertising company. The National Film Center displays ads to U.S. consumers in cinemas, online and through mobile technology. NCM offers cinematic advertising over a digital network in theater, consisting of theaters owned by AMC Entertainment Company (except for some theaters that are fulfilled advertising by Screenvision after the purchase of AMC from Carmike cinemas), Cinemark Holdings, Inc., Regal Entertainment Group and other regional theatre departments. and CineMedia National publicly traded, Inc. (NASDAQ: NCMI) owns 48.8%, a managing partner of NCM. Regal's parent company Cineworld and Cinemark hold the rest of the NCM shares. The company may be known to the general public for its pre-show ads, Novi. FirstLook (2006-2017) was a pre-NCM programming feature. FirstLook consisted of pre-show and entertainment ads, provided by content partners such as ABC Networks, A&E TV Networks, Amazon, Disney, Fandango, Google, Hulu, Microsoft, NBC, Nintendo and Turner's advertising-interspersed streaming system. The program was about 20 minutes, and was timed to end exactly at the time of the movie's start, before any trailers. It was delivered via satellite, and many different versions were provided depending on the MPAA rating of the film.