Trade Man

Dead Man Inc. or DMI is mostly a white organized crime organization. It was founded in prison and has members in many correctional and street corrections throughout Maryland, as well as other states in the United States founded by Perry Roark, James Sweeney and Brian Jordan in the late 1990s in the Maryland Department of Corrections. Rourke was a close associate of the black guerrilla family and obtained their permission to start an organization to unite white prisoners in the system. The group grew in size rapidly due to the infiltration of a man named Michael Quinn, who joined to secure protection for himself. He recruited anyone who wanted to join every site Sweeney sought to achieve numbers rather than quality where he felt safe with the numbers and numbers of thinking that brought strength. tattoos include grim caused, pit bulls, DMI, numbers 4, 13, and 9 (4 = D, 13 = M, 9 =I), and the pyramid with a cut eye of Providence. Dead Man Sign, Cross Upside Down to Stab or Kill Several People in Maryland Correctional System.