Trade Intuit

Intuit Inc. is an American business and financial software company that develops and sells financial, accounting, tax and related services to small businesses, accountants and individuals. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California and CEO Sassan Goddarzi. As of 2019, more than 95% of its revenue and profits come from its activities within the United States. Intuit's products include the TurboTax tax preparation application, the Ment Personal Finance app and the QuickBooks small business accounting program. Intuit has been widely lobbied against the IRS establishing its own online tax delivery system (in most rich countries, governments are simplifying the provision of taxes to their citizens, making software like TurboTax unnecessary for most citizens). As part of an agreement with the IRS, TurboTax allows individuals to make less than $66,000 a year to use a free version of TurboTax; The ProPublica 2019 investigation revealed that TurboTax makes it difficult to find this version deliberately and that it deceptively directs individuals looking for the free version to the costly TurboTax versions. TurboTax has tricked military service members to pay to use the deposit program by creating and promoting the "military discount" and making a free version difficult to find when many service members are actually eligible to use the software for free. Intuit is being investigated by several state prosecutors, as well as the New York Department of Financial Services.