Trade Infigen Energy

an increasing number of renewable energy companies were listed on the stock market in the period following 2000. The early 21st century saw a growing interest in the renewable energy industry, as many governments set long-term renewable energy targets. Some chose to provide direct support to renewable energy generators for feed-in electricity generation and other temporary measures to close the gap in accounting for the full costs that would properly offset these technologies for their low emissions and non-interference in ecosystem services, as well as to ensure some capacity and motivation for installing conservation-focused smart grid technologies. Smart Grid Policy in the United States was particularly important in driving renewable energy in that country (see also Load Shedding, Energy Internet, Home Area Network and Clean Technology for more information on the structure of the industry and why renewable energy suppliers are aligned closely industrially and politically with technology network suppliers), smart devices and energy conservation software, and generally oppose those other "energy" companies, which effectively rely on the lack of such intelligence or accounting to appear competitive.