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Omay Gold Mine is located in Guyana on the north coast of South America near the west bank of the Eskibo River in the interior of the country. Access to Umai is by road from the capital of Georgetown on the coast, and from the town of Linden, about 60 km away. There is an operational airstrip on site that can accommodate aircraft from Georgetown (40 minutes. Gold mining in Omay is known from at least 1880s, and when it was developed as a large-scale mine in 1992 by Campior, the mine was the largest gold mine in The Guyana Shield and a major source of income and employment in Guyana. From 1992 to 2005, Omay produced 3.7 gold bananas with an average score of 1.5 g/t of vinyl and open wint pits. Omay has known for more than 130 years. In the period 1886-1896 some 1890 kg (60,000 ounces.) of gold was extracted from place deposits from the tables of Gilt, Dunkin' and L'Esperence by small-scale miners (also known as pork sausages) using primitive hand methods. The German guild leased the concession in 1896 and conducted extensive investigations into the solid quartz lod by drilling and rudimentary tunnels and produced 1,860 kg (59,800 ounces) of gold. After limited success in dredging alluvial apartments, the guild delivered the property to pork chimes in 1907. By 1911, most of the applicable land was considered depleted, based on prevailing gold prices and mining methods of that period.