Trade Fortinet

Fortint is an American multinational company based in Sunnyvale, California. It develops and sells cybersecurity solutions, including but not limited to physical products such as firewalls, as well as software and services such as antivirus, intrusion prevention systems and endpoint security components. Fortinet was founded in 2000 by brothers Ken Shi and Michael Shih. The first product and main product of the company fortiGate, was a physical firewall. The company later added wireless access points, sandboxing, and message security. By 2004, Fortint had raised more than $90 million in funding. The company was publicly listed in November 2009, raising $156 million through an initial public offering. In 2016, Fortinet released a security fabric architecture that included integration and automation with other network security devices and third-party suppliers. by Fortint, Ken Shi founded and served as CEO of NetScreen, a company acquired by Juniper Networks in 2004. Michael Shea served as Ceo of ServeGate. In 2000, they co-founded Appligation Inc. the company's name was changed to "ApSecure" in December 2000 and later renamed Fortinet, based on the phrase "fortified networks." Fortinet introduced its first product, FortiGate, in 2002, followed by anti-spam and anti-virus software. The company raised $13 million in private funding from 2000 to early 2003. An additional $30 million was raised in August 2003, followed by $50 million in March 2004. The first program was established Channel Fortinet in October 2003. The company began distributing its products in Canada in December 2003 and in the UK in February 2004. The refore, the number of such cases is America.In the same period. The dispute ended a month later after Fortint agreed to make the source code available on request.