Trade Endo International

Endo International plc is an Irish-American branded pharmaceutical company and a specialized pharmaceutical company that generated more than 93% of its 2017 sales from the U.S. healthcare system. While Endo's management and operations and clients are almost exclusively based in the United States, Endo in 2013 carried out a corporate tax coup in Ireland to avoid U.S. corporate taxes on drug sales in the United States, and take advantage of Ireland's corporate tax system. Endo was created as a result of the management purchase of Dupont Merck in 1997 led by Carol Ammon.In 2009, Indo Indevus Pharmaceuticals bought to diversify the endocrine and oncology. The company entered the male hypogonadism market later in 2010 with 2% Fortesta gel. In November 2013, Endo agreed to buy Paladiin Laboratories for about $1.6 billion to access the Canadian market as well as expand into emerging markets. Endo used the acquisition of Paladin Laboratories in 2013, and Canadian tax laws, to carry out a corporate tax coup to Ireland. In July 2015, the Wall Street Journal reported that Endo was using Ireland's low tax rate to acquire life sciences companies in the United States and transfer them to Ireland's tax system (i.e. they could pay more to get competitors to the United States). In October 2014, Endo said it would buy Oxilim Pharmaceuticals for $2.6 billion, along with testosterone replacement therapy products. In 2015, Endo acquired the drugs Specialized generic and sterile injector Par Pharmaceutical for $8.05 billion. In 2018, Endo settled more than 1,200 lawsuits related to testosterone replacement therapy, Testim, and its undeclared side effects.