Trade Eldorado Gold Corporation

Eldorado Resources is an active Canadian mining company between 1926 and 1988. The company was originally founded by brothers Charles and Gilbert Lappin as a gold mining enterprise in 1926, but moved to focus on radium in the 1930s and uranium beginning in the 1940s. The company was nationalized at Crown In 1943 when the Canadian Federal Government bought control of the shares. The refore, the risk of a "loss of life" is not only a matter of law, but also a reality. The Government of Canada continues to oversee the rehabilitation of some low-level mining and nuclear waste sites through Eldor Canada, a subsidiary of the Canada Development Investment Corporation. Eldorado was originally founded as eldorado gold mines but, after radioactive deposits were found in Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories in 1930, the company moved to primarily prospecting radioactive materials. Gilbert Lapin directed the company's development of the ElDorado mine in The Port of Radium, Northwest Provinces, and built a modern Radium refinery in Port Hope, Ontario in 1933. In addition to radium, ElDorado also produced silver, copper and uranium salts.