Trade DexCom

DexCom, Inc. is a company that develops, manufactures and distributes continuous glucose monitoring systems for diabetes management. It works internationally with headquarters in San Diego, California. Dexcom was founded in 1999 by Scott Glenn, John Board, Lauren Otsuki, Ellen Preston and Brett Megagel. In 2006, Dexcom received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and launched dexcom STS Continuous Glucose Monitoring System, a three-day sensor that provides up to 288 glucose measurements per 24 hours. Dexcom received approval for the second generation of products, the seven continuous glucose monitoring system in May 2007. This device improves the accuracy and expansion of use from three to seven days. In 2008, Dexcom announced two consumer development agreements with Insulet Corporation and Animas as well as a development agreement with Edwards Lifesciences to monitor continuous glucose in the ICU hospital environment. During February 2009, Dexcom received approval for continuous glucose monitor Seven Plus, from its new continuous glucose monitoring system from the FDA. This product received a CE mark in November 2009. In 2013, the development of integration with Insulet ceased. Dexcom entered into a non-exclusive agreement with Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. in 2015 to allow the integration of G5 and G6 continuous glucose monitoring systems into Tandem insulin pumps. G5 was approved in 2016 by the FDA for use as a standalone device, while G6 received approval in 2018.Dexcom first G-Series CGM, and G4 Platinum, received a CE mark and FDA approval in 2012 for adults aged Between 18 years and over. This new device improves the accuracy of blood sugar by 30%. It also offered a longer range of transmissions between the sensor and receiver, as well as a color LCD screen. G4 Platinum was later approved by the FDA for use in patients aged 2-17 in February 2014. Dexcom then obtained FDA approval in January 2015 for G4 Platinum with Share, which enabled cgm data to be shared with up to five other people using smartphone apps "Share" and "Follow." Dexcom G5 was approved in August 2015 by the FDA for use as a standalone device, with G5 containing Bluetooth integrated into the transmitter, enabling it to send data to a mobile device. This allows to use the device without independent reception. Dexcom G5 then received the CE mark in September 2015.