Trade Curis

Coris is a biotech company listed on the Stock Exchange (NASDAQ: CRIS) that focuses on developing first and innovative treatments in the first degree or cancer treatment. The company currently has three candidates for drugs in development: CA-4948, which is available orally, and a small molecule inhibitor of kinase IRAK4 is being investigated in a Phase 1 clinical trial in patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and in a separate Phase 1 trial of acute myeloid leukemia and syndromes. 0 CI-8993, a monoclonal antibody designed to anidocyting the ig-field braking device to activate the T cell, or Vista signaling path, is being investigated in phase 1a/1b trial in patients with solid tumors. 7-Fimepinostat- Fimepinostat, which is available orally as a small molecule inhibitor of HDAC and PI3K enzymes, which is currently being evaluated for future studies. Corris is involved in collaborating with Origin to discover and develop candidates for drugs in the field of immunology and microtumors. As part of this collaboration, Corris has exclusive licenses for a small double oral molecule discount from PD1 and VISTA, including pDL1/VISTA discount CA-170, and oral small molecule double antagonists of PD1 and TIM3, including PDL1/TIM3 discount CA-327, as well as molecules designed to prevent IRAK4 kinaz, including CA-4948.