Trade Commvault Systems

Commvault is a data protection software and generally circulating data management software company based in Taunton Falls, New Jersey. Commvault can be used for enterprise to back up and recover data, cloud management, infrastructure, retention, and compatibility. Commvault was originally formed in 1988 as a development group in Bell Laboratories focused on data management, backup and recovery; it was later appointed a business unit of AT&T Network Systems. After it became part of Lucent Technologies, the unit was sold in 1996 and became a company, with Scotty R. Neal as CEO. In March 1998, Bob Hammer joined Komvvolt as Chairman, President and CEO, and Al Ponte joined as Vice President and CEO. In 2000, the company began launching products aimed at managing network storage. In March 2006, Komvegol applied for an initial PUBLIC OFFERING and formally went public later that year as CVLT on nasdaq. At the end of 2013, the company moved from its space in Oceanport, New Jersey, to its new $146 million headquarters in former Fort Monmouth in Taunton Falls, New Jersey. On February 5, 2019, Sanjay Mirchandani replaced the retired Hammer as president and CEO, and Adamu was announced as chairman of the Board of Directors. Mirchandani joined Komvvolt from Dolls, an IT automation company based in Oregon, where he served as CEO.