Trade Columbia Banking System

West Coast Bancorp was a stock exchange-traded financial services company based in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Its main contract was the West Coast, a full-service commercial bank with 63 branches in 40 cities in western and central Oregon and western Washington. As of December 31, 2006, the company had deposits totalling $2 billion and net loans of $1.9 billion. In September 2012, He bought Columbia's banking system in Tacoma West Coast. The company was first organized in 1925 in Newport, Oregon, under the name Newport Bank. In 1995, Newport Bank merged with Salem Commercial Bank, Oregon. In 1999, after the acquisition of Bank of Vancouver (Vancouver, Washington), and The Centennial Bank of Olympia, Washington, the new entity changed its name to the West Coast Bank.In October 2009, and the company raised $155 million in additional capital, but also received a warning about lending practices from federal and state regulators. The Bank of Colombia system in Tacoma, Washington, and the West Coast announced on September 26, 2012, that Columbia would buy the West Coast in a $506 million cash and equity deal. It was traded on nasdaq as WCBO. West Coast West Bank offered savings, verification, money market, CD, now accounts plus credit cards. The Bank has also established commercial and residential mortgage loans, as well as construction loans, commercial loans and consumer loans. Other Subsidiaries, West Coast Trust, Inc., Provided Agency, Credit and Other Trust Services related in Oregon. The company also operated a mortgage loan office in Bend, Oregon, a mortgage loan office and a small business lending office in Vancouver, Washington.