Trade Cogent Communications

Cogent Communications is a multinational Internet services company based in the United States. Cogent's core services consist of internet access and data transfer, which are provided on the fiber optic network, ip-only data network, as well as sticking to data centers. Founded in 1999 at the height of the industry's growth, was funded by angel investors including Kirtso Forum members. Within three years, Cogent acquired 13 other failed carriers, buying $14 billion of capital for $60 million, including $4 billion worth of property, plant and equipment. Cogent has been controversial in the ISPs market for low bandwidth pricing and general disputes over consideration with AOL (2003), Level 3 communications (2005), France Telecom (2006), Networks Lights (2007), Telia Carrier (March 2008), and Sprint Nextel (October 2008). On March 14, 2008, after Cogent stopped directing packages from the European network provider Telia (AS 1299), the two networks lost their contact. The connection was re-established March 28, 2008 with delivery points in both the United States and Europe.On June 6, 2011, Cogent automatically stopped looking at the Energy Science Network (ESnet) causing a 3-day disruption. In November 2015, CenturyLink signed a new long-term interconnection agreement with Cogent Communications.Cogent that has not yet agreed to consider the largest IPv6 connectivity provider, Hurricane Electric. As of March 2016, direct communication between the two networks is impossible. Cogent and Google also stopped looking at IPv6 in 2016. It is rumored that this is closely related to Cogent Take advantage of Google IPv4 traffic by paid customers or to keep the Interconnect-free settlement with another network. In February 2017, Cogent banned several hacking and broadcasting sites including Pirate Bay. This was unintentional because of the misdrafting of the Spanish court order. Disguised communications are not by definition a Level 1 ISP. Despite the fact that they are not class 1 ISP; The company does not refer to, advertising, themselves as isp level 1.