Trade Celldex Therapeutics

Celldex is developing targeted treatments to treat devastating diseases in which treatments are inadequate. Our pipeline is built from a proprietary portfolio of antibodies and monatomy used alone and in strategic groups to create novel, disease treatments that stimulate, promote or suppress the body's immune response. Sylldex Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CLDX) was founded on the basic scientific belief that harnessing the power of the immune system would break down significant barriers in drug development for a range of devastating diseases. The company's pipeline consists of therapeutic antibodies, anti-drug comparisons, immune system modifications and vaccines that we believe have a greater likelihood of success because they target specific groups of patients with high medical need that are not met by diseases that express specific signs, including many orphan indicators that are not provided or not provided at all. This has led to the creation of a pioneering pipeline in immunooncology.