Trade Caseys General Stores

Casey (formerly Casey General Stores) is a chain of stores in the Midwest and southern United States. The company is headquartered in Ankini, Iowa, a suburb of Des Moines. As of April 30, 2019, Casey had 2,146 stores in 16 states. in 1959, Donald Lamberty hired a service station in Des Moines, Iowa, from his father. After successfully reintroducing the plant in a store and running it for nine years, his gasoline supplier and friend, Kurvin C. (K.C.) fish, suggested that the oil company buy A Box Deal, a service station available for sale in Bonn, Iowa. Lamberti followed Fish's advice and bought the station, which he renamed "Casey" after Fish and as with his rented store, he turned the station into a shop. The logo on the Bonn store is the same as the logo used today by the Casey series. Bonn store (located in a town of just 12,500) did well, so Lamberti decided to see if his success could be replicated. He built another store in Creston, Iowa (population 7,000) and that store did well too. Lamberty became more ambitious and decided to open a shop from scratch in a smaller town of Waki, Iowa (population 1,500 at the time). Waki's store proved to be the most successful of the three, so Lamberti decided to buy and open more stores, focusing on cities with a population of less than 5,000 (a difference from the tactic used in Wal-Mart's early success).