Trade Booking

Rocket Travel, aka Rocketmiles, partners with loyalty programs around the world to make travel more rewarding. Our customers can earn and redeem miles, points and gift cards, or provide great savings with exclusive discounts, to book travel accommodation around the world, from your favorite international brands to a boutique bed and breakfast. We also help our partners organize holiday trips and car rental services, with a branded experience full of first search to check out of their stay. We attract customers from every corner of the world with a home-built user experience from ideation to finished product: our team includes front and rear developers, customer service, data analyst, designers, marketers, accountants, and strategic partnerships. We have offices in Chicago, New York City, Medellin, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Cebu, as well as colleagues working remotely across four continents. Our global partnerships range from world-class airlines to international banks and large-scale shopping platforms.