Trade Bank Of Queensland

Bank of Queensland (BOQ Branded) is an Australian retail bank with headquarters in Brisbane, Queensland. The bank is one of the oldest financial institutions in Queensland, having started as a construction community, and now has 160 branches across Australia, including 65 corporate branches and 95 "managed owner" branches. In 2007, the bank's customer satisfaction rate was 88 per cent. Bank of Queensland was founded in 1863. It collapsed in 1866 to close its doors in the severe financial recession known as panic of 1866. Another bank took the same name in 1917 but disappeared at the National Bank in 1922. The current Queensland Bank was founded in 1874 as the Brisbane Permanent Benefits and Investment Association. It was incorporated in 1887. It merged with the city and the Suburban Building Society in 1921 and with the Queensland Deposit Bank a decade later. The Savings Bank remained the Vice-President's Association Building Until a commercial bank was licensed in 1942 on behalf of the Brisbane Building Building, a banking company. His operations were computerized in 1970.Queensland Savings Bank Queensland as a wholly owned subsidiary in 1982. In 1991 BOQ acquired Stowe Electronic Switching Pty Ltd and renamed it in Queensland for Pty Ltd. In 1999, The Bank of Hawaii bought 5.8m shares (about 10 per cent) in 1999. At the Bank of Queensland. Two years later, The Bank of Hawaii sold its 6.2m shares and 5.4m convertible bonds at The Bank of Queensland to refocus on its operations. In Hawaii. Qatar Bank acquired the equipment financing business of the Union of Forces for the Republic bank in Australia and New Zealand in 2003. The bank also received ATM solutions.