Trade BAE Systems

BAE Systems Inc. (formerly BAE Systems North America) is a U.S. subsidiary of Defense and Security, a space company BAE Systems BC. The U.S. unit operates under a special security arrangement that allows it to operate on some of the most sensitive Defense Programs of the United States despite its foreign ownership. It is listed in Delaware. The company employs about 35,000 workers within the U.S. border and several thousand others in Israel, South Africa, Sweden and the United Kingdom. BAE Systems' main business lines include electronic warfare, sensing and communications equipment; equipment that is developed through key sectors in the field of chemical weapons; electronic equipment; outreach equipment; electronic equipment; armoured vehicle equipment, artillery systems; naval guns and maritime ship repair; and cybersecurity and intelligence services. With annual revenue of $11.4 billion, BAE Systems Inc. contributes more than a third of the parent company's global revenue and is usually ranked among the top 10 Pentagon suppliers. It operates under a special security agreement with a board of directors separate from the London-based mother to ensure the protection of sensitive information related to the U.S. programs in which it participates. Largely composed of old U.S. companies, BAE Systems is more involved in such programs than any other foreign-owned company.